Author Topic: 東方音楽花 ~ Mystical Elementic Rise. (Danmakufu/Music CD Hybrid)  (Read 4509 times)

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oh look, a jealous dude releasing his small project in front of a big one, rip
Hello everyone, this is Gusano2314, and i come here with the announcement of a very strange project!

Touhou Ongakuka ~ Mystical Elementic Rise is a hybrid between a collab music CD and a danmakufu script (hence why it's being posted here), The project features 26 original tracks composed by different people around the western touhou community. It also features a total of eight new characters made by their respective composers.


Gensokyo, the land where common sense doesn't exist.
It's always described as a usually peaceful place, where youkai and humans live, sometimes, an incident happens and everyone goes nuts over it. After over 20 incidents in the last years, the peace was broken completely.
Youkai constantly eating or hurting humans who exited the village, religion wars, lack of respect for even their same species. It's a complete chaos and restoring the tranquility is going to be very hard...

Hakurei Reimu, Shrine Maiden of the Paradise, wonders if all this chaos is due to another incident, but it's so baseless that she can't just go waste time on something that may or not have a culprit.

The announcement of today comes with the danmakufu part of the game, which is literally, the final boss battle.


More news about the CD will come soon!, but now the important thing is the download link of the game:

Download the Boss Battle and get spoiled hard and cry because you could find youself dissapointed for who is

Leader and programmer: Gusano2314
Artist: Unett Crimson (apologies for the weird looking faces)
Graphics: Gusano2314, Janitogloy
Music: Gusano2314, Kaori Mystique
The CD will feature music from the following composers: Dorememe Sweet,Lazuli,Naudiz,Janitogloy,Unet,GhoulMage,Tokiko Tatsunagi(?),Kurenai(?),Kaori Mystique,Onaku,Princess Sylvysprit(if they have time to do it, don't count on it),Winter,Mana Kazami(?) and Gusano2314

(apologies for reimu and roka's faces, we are getting another artist for cutins, when that happens, the game will be updated. There may be a possibility of a extra boss danmakufu to be developed.)

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I'm sorry for multiposting but the game got patched since there was a bug with the reimu player, so, i changed it.
(also reserved post for other stuff)
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