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No, don't answer that question just yet. I made a web app just for that:

A few things of note:
- I don't know if something like has ever been done before, but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.
- I'm no pro at front end design / implementation.
- The personality profiles might not be accurate. For all I know, I might be a terrible judgement of character. But hey that's what forums are for, eh?
- Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Here's a design doc. Logistics, blah blah. (Sorry, I'm a CS major.)

Overview: Since League of Legends is allowed to have a personality quiz for the Star Guardians troupe, I figured Touhou deserves one as well. Quiz will generate a set of personality metric values corresponding to the taker and then compares them with each of the Touhou characters on record. After 13 questions, the quiz returns the two closest characters to the taker personality-wise.

Characters: There are way too many characters in the Touhouverse to make a serious character profile for each of them, so I had to whittle down the list. Decided on 2 rules:
1.   Character made the top 10 ten most popular characters in this 2017 poll: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/THWiki_Popularity_Poll
2.   Character is either a playable (story mode only), stage 6 boss, or EX in at least 2 official games.
Final compiled list has 29 characters (listed below).

Metrics: In each character profile, there are numerical values for each of 5 personality metrics to compare against the taker?s, kind of like the metrics you see in Myers-Briggs or OCEAN tests. After the taker answers a question, one or more of their metric values are updated to a new average value.
Brief overview and questions that might explain each metric:
?   Specialized vs Open (SO)
Is the person open to new ideas? Are they curious about other people in general?
?   Headstrong vs Flexible (HF)
How confident is the person about their tastes and values? Are they affected by peer pressure? Is the person likely break down if someone gets verbal with them?
?   Innocent vs Knowledgeable (IK)
Self-explanatory, but can also indicate how quickly the person takes in new information, rather than just how much they already know.
?   ISolationist vs iNtervening (SN)
Is the person confrontational or nosy, or are they more on the passive side? Do they usually take matters into their own hands?
?   Harmonious vs Utilitarian (HU)
Is the person pleasant to have around as company? Do they respect other people?s autonomy in a social setting? Would others describe the person as uptight?

Each character is assigned a set of 5 values, each ranging from 1 to 4, in the above order. For example, a character with the values 1 4 2 1 3 is more Specialized than Open, more Flexible than Headstrong, and so on.

The distribution (for now):
SHISU - Alice Mokou
SHINU - Shinmyoumaru Nitori
SHKSH - Marisa Yukari
SHKSU - Patchouli Sakuya
SHKNU - Reimu
SFISU - Youmu
SFINH - Kokoro
SFINU - Cirno
SFKSH - Satori
OHISU - Reisen
OHINH - Ichirin Aya
OHINU - Meiling Futo
OHKSH - Mamizou
OHKSU - Byakuren
OHKNH - Suwako Miko
OHKNU - Remilia Suika
OFINH - Flandre Sanae Koishi
OFKSH - Komachi
OFKNH - Yuyuko

In case you're wondering, my Touhou girl is Mamizou, then Marisa as runner-up!

Which Touhou girl ARE you?

Mokou and runner-up Sakuya?

Geez man... I'm actually speechless after reading what you added as bio and thought about myself.

Hello Purvis:
I got Kisume, and it told me to get a job =[

Romantique Tp:
I like doing these.

Result: http://i.imgur.com/RvK07dF.png (OHKNH)

Runner-up: http://i.imgur.com/GsTAcIK.png (OFKNH)

Futo, with Ichirin as a runner-up.

OK I can abide this. I can be pretty condescending.


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