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Gensou Shoujo Taisen You - Translation (Decrypted .dat files)

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this is resolving without touching the exe. i just went and startedt by replacing just about all menu japanese text i could find with "test1" "test2" "test3" ect, and as i see them ingame replace them with appropriate english. i may make a effort to keep the names the same with the other games, or i may not. im not sure how much people care, but starting with "don't care" and making sure it bug free and release able, and then seeing if i still have the effort to change over to "care" afterward.

i don't think my screenshots are to bad anyway. i managed to get into the third game now, i seems more stuff is either in the exe, or maybe things got moved to different data files. anyway as for what you directly said, as far as IM aware, the issue was the team mainly wanted to do a plot patch, and weren't going to go out of their way to make the rest of it english unless it was easy or obvious what to do. (but thats understandable, not everyone has infinite time to put into a project to see if things can work. and what they did, the plot, is already a fantastic result! i just want to make it better.)

i noticed i can also make a mod for the games if i wanted but, mostly it's just convenient for testing.  if you want to get involved and help me, even just for testing, i welcome you nyttyn. :)

Sorry for bumping such an old thread but I'm having some trouble translating something from FMW4.
I'm trying to translate the dialogue at the beginning of the game, with Rinnosuke and Akyuu in the Palanquin, I can edit the file with the dialogue (ChatList_OP04), but the translation does not appear in the game after rebuilding and replacing the .dat files, all other dialogues translate properly but not this one.
Can anyone who is familiar with the games translations please help me?

--- Quote from: ixakanno on November 03, 2016, 06:11:25 PM ---I cant seem to get past this message, I have patched the game up to 1.12 but to no avail, it still keeps on coming back. Help is appreciated!  ???

--- End quote ---

I'm having the same problem but with Complete Box. However, in my case the game will give me the same error even after a reboot. I've tried uninstalling the game, installing it, using AppLocale, changing the whole system to japanese, still the same.


So, it seems that the error is because I'm using Windows XP (yeah, yeah).

The 4 games works on XP individually, but in the Complete Box, they doesn't.

And, it's so weird... after some testing, I found out that the Complete Box installer itself won't install on Windows XP, but once it's installed, the gsw.exe does run on Windows XP(I moved the installed content from another computer to mine)... while it also DOESN'T.

While gsw.exe does run on Windows XP, you won't be able to pass the first black loading screen, since you'll get the error I mentioned before. While Windows 7 pass that just fine. So, yeah, Complete Box is only for Win 7+.

I feel so disappointed. I really hope the devs would do a tweak to make it run on Windows XP, since all previous games runs individually, but I know it won't happen.

A shame I won't be able to play this series(I managed to test the game in many ways with help from a friend's pc) since the translation of the whole series is likely to be moved to the Complete Box instead.

I know the 4 games are mostly translated individually, but I was hoping to play the 3 last ones with translated battle dialogues as well, which, if those turn out to be translated at all, pretty much will be available exclusively for Complete Box.

This has made this my saddest day of the year.


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