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Lily Black
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Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Once you go Lily Black, you won't go back.
Demonlord Pichu:
^Why didn't I see that coming?

Lily Black is something like a 'Tatari' for Lily White. Lily Black could have materialized something like how TATARI does through increased circulation of rumors or malicious information (in short - bad news), perhaps, due to Lily White's way of announcing spring people began to spread rumors which would in turn manifest into Lily Black.

Lily Black only lives in Higan because she wants to that or the area has enough rumors and urban myths to keep her in the form we know of now.

/crackpot theory

Lily White = Derey-Derey
Lily Black = Tsun- Tsun..

Can't believe all of u MISSED THAT!
Lily Black is just one form of the species of "Lily" that exist.

Lily White = the harbringer of Spring

Lily Black = the harbringer of Spring for the Dead

There are many other "Lily" out there including
Lily Red
Lily Yellow
Lily Pink
Lily Blue
Lily Green
Lily Orange

the list goes on....
Their abilites and whereabouts are unknown currently
Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Lily Mauve, Lily Puce, Lily Dark Avocado, Lily Taupe, Lily Grey (not to be confused with Lily Gray) ...
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