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Lily Black
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So what's the deal with Lily Black?

Is she the same fairy as Lily White? Lily in full-on yandere mode, much like Luize? Lily having a part time job with Sikieiki? Lily that's trying out the whole goth thing? Or an entirely seperate character? Lily's long lost sister? Lily's DEAD sister? Lily who was gapped in from an alternate universe?

Discuss your insane theories now.
Vile Lasagna:
On opposite day Lilly Black announces the coming of fall.
two completely different fairies that are not similar in any way and have nothing to do with one another.
Lily Black and Lily White were born to two different parents. Lily White's biological parents were actually dirt poor and Lily Black's were wealthy. But a mix up at the maternity ward caused the two to be switched. And so Lily White grew up privileged, while Lily Black grew up in destitution. However, when Lily Black grew older and learned the awful truth of her parentage (from a nurse from the maternity ward who had a guilty conscious about her mistake, and wrote Lily Black a letter confessing the error), she vowed to seek revenge against Lily White. Lily White, for her part, remains oblivious of the maternity ward mix-up.

And that is their amazing story.
Lily Black is dead, but her spirit roams in bodily form like Yuyuko, and she lives with Siki.

Lily White is still alive and roaming around Gensokyo.

You could assume that Lily Black is Lily White's mother =/.
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