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Abmneshi: The Prophecy
« on: December 18, 2012, 03:58:06 AM »

This is a game I've been working on since the beginning of August. It's a 2D vertical-scrolling danmaku shmup programmed in GM8 and based around the more obscure parts of the Ben Drowned universe. This probably wasn't the best choice of theme, but I assure you that knowledge of Ben Drowned is not necessary to enjoy the game.

The game is split into 7 stages; 5 normal stages which always appear regardless of difficulty, and up to two EX stages which are tacked onto the end at higher difficulties. They're not really Extra stages in the sense Touhou uses them; they're more like EoSD's final stage; it just isn't there on Easy mode for whatever reason.

Part of my motivation behind making this game was to create a game which subverts some of the more annoying conventions of the genre while maintaining the same core gameplay we know and love. Now, this stuff I'm about to talk about might seem a little intimidating or offputting, but please bear with me here.

Firstly, the game's stages aren't played one after the other but rather through an overworld; lives are refilled between stages and your character changed, and they can be played multiple times if you wish. I'm interested in what you think of this, as I might include the idea in future games. :)

This game has no conventional bombs. I dislike them because either they're lost when you die making them frustrating, or are used as autobombs making them pointless. Replacing them are the Hyper and Shield systems. They work similarly, probably more similarly than I'd like, with the main exception that shields last longer, hypers enhance your attacks, and shields change up constantly whereas hypers need grazes to charge. This is something I would change in future games, as it put a cap on my creativity in terms of what bullet patterns I could put in. Perhaps if it charged more like Trigonometry Wars 4's graze shield it would've worked better.

The scoring system is kinda a mash of various Touhou systems. Blue items are worth points and work towards extra lives, as indicated by the Extend bar. Rainbow items fill the Multi bar; when it's full the multiplier increases by 1; this affects most of the game's scoring, although the blue items are the main source of score anyway.

There are 3 playable characters, they're described ingame, but anyway:

--Jadusable is slow, has a good variety of attacks, and has a longer invincibility after death.
--Ryukaki is fast, has only forward attacks, and charges his shield faster.
-- BEN has only spread attacks, and gains extra lives sooner.

The game also has configurable controls, just thought I'd throw that out there.

I included a secret TLB, there's a video of that coming soon.

So, yeah. Have fun.

Thanks to SuperX46, for assisting with the artwork and giving me advice which hugely shaped how the game turned out.

Thanks to FlickerFlyTheSeventh, for also helping with the artwork.

Thanks to everypony I stole music from without asking for not suing me, even though I don't really give a damn about any of you.

Thanks to Soradash64, RoyalRagequit, ThatYellowShyGuy, Conic_twist, DarkLinkWP, Lukass-stoll, Sonic_dasher, H3llhound360, and so on and so forth for being supportive and stuff.