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I had a dream that I was good friends with Shinmyoumaru, Seija and Youmu. The 3 of us had been spending time with each other for about a week and it felt like a week. Unfortunately, my memories of what we did together are mostly gone. I remember specifically enjoying the time that the 3 of us spent together and little blotches of Seija being Seija. However, I remember almost none of Youmu. I'll admit that I've never met any of these people in any dream prior (albiet I've been having sleep problems in the last week as I've started going to the gym) yet it felt like I had been seeing them for ages. We were all good friends and at the time I had memories to prove it. The only bit I can remember is saying goodbye. At the time, there was no Seija and no Youmu. Shinmyoumaru was standing on a small end table and had packed for a journey. I gave a hint that I'd really miss the time we spent together and she pressed further. I directly told her that I loved the 3 of them as friends almost as much as I love Alice and that the time we had spent together was the most fun I'd had in years. At the end, Shinmyoumaru broke down in tears. We eventually had to leave each other though. I recall giving her a letter then we both said our goodbyes and parted ways. The unfortunate thing is that I meant every word I said and I just can't remember any of it. I don't even know if I'll ever see Shinmyoumaru again. I don't even remember any of Youmu.
Had a dream where I went to a small house party that was hosted by Hecatia. At some point she brushed our faces with what looked like just water. She then got us all together and enthusiastically suggested we play a game. She had painted all our faces with nanobots which would explode if we reached 0 on 3 categories. One was weasel and I believe another was fox but I can't remember the last one. I complained and lost 2 points on weasel. She announced that we would be assassins and, when we've killed enough people, the nanobots would deactivate. I was somewhat annoyed at the situation but I knew Hecatia enough to know she isn't evil so I went along with it. I don't remember the first 2 I killed but I had a somewhat pleasant conversation with the last guy after I stabbed him twice. At the end I could feel myself bleeding from a stab wound and needed somthing to eat. I got the notification that I had assasinated the guy and then I woke up.

Had a dream that I played a touhou fan game. It wasn't just a touhou fan game though and it had many different franchises (don't know what the correct word is) in it. It was interesting and came from a discussion about hyper light drifter I had with the youtuber Mihari of Mabinogi. the dream drifted from that conversation into me just playing this game directly. I started playing the game and found so many options. A couple of them were just playing the game as a  touhou character. Unfortunately most of them were locked so I just began the game as Reimu. I played thriugh the tutorial and got to thw actual first level. Got killed by sombody from Kantai Collection and started yelling politically charged abuse. I still wanted to continue the game though. I had unlocked Yukari Yakumo after completing the tutorial (and I kept failing the tutorial) but decided to keep playing Reimu. As the tutorial didn't include a combat section I had to slowly figure out what I was doing through trial and error. Eventually it was a top down game with a wierd combat system. The platforming was fairly standard but the combat was odd. It consisted of running at other characters with your knife out at certain times. do it when they had a weapon out and you would be damaged too. There was also  a shield button that I didn't have time to figure out how to use. Eventually thr dream faded to real life and the end of the tutorial was presented to me in real life. I didn't recognise it at first but Sanae Kochiya was operating the life and insisted that this was really the place. I didn't get far before I woke up
Had a dream that Marisa had a bullet mailed to my mum's house. She had started collecting gunpowder from different unusual bullets and I had to extract the gunpowder from the bullet vefore I could give it to her. The bullet almost blew up in my hand but I managed to extract the gunpowder before my mum's boyfriend aggressively wiped the gunpowder away before I could store it in Marisa's box. We then had an argument about health and safety as well as historical preservation. I later met another guy who had done the same thing but Marisa had actually gone to meet him.
Just had a dream that I had infiltrated the CIA along with my friend, Alice and a Marisa cosplayer. I am unsure if Alice was a cosplayer or an AI. The CIA were tryiing to figure out who Spiderman was - with spiderman working for the CIA itself. Eventually they got close but Me and Marisa were there to protect him when things escalated. Marisa ended up in a gun fight with 2B from Nier automata while Alice cleared things up. I remember spending most of the time thinking that Alice was played well. Eventually we broke spiderman out of the place and we split up. I would later, after meeting in a chinese super market, find out my friend had fallen out with the Marisa cosplayer so it was unlikely I would see the Alice m player any time soon. The thing does seem to have been a Larp or somthing.

Had a dream that Yuuka could drive a car. I was at a football match and after the game went to the shops. Yuuka was also in the crowd and went to the same shops as me. I overheard her have a conversation with another guy. He asked her if she could only drive automatic and then I joined the conversation saying that I didn't know she could drive at all. I then recalled her saying she could in an earlier conversation. I then had to leave because another friend needed to get the train home

Had a dream that Reimu died. There was an incident involving Hell and she just froze at one point then just died. Marisa was devastated and even I was deeply saddened by it. I paid my respects and later found that it was part of a plot that included Byakuren and Miko. Miko had stolen Reimu's soul as part of the plot. Byakuren was quite critical of this aspect though.

Had a dream that there was a movement to try and steal a painting of Alice Margatroid from what I believe was an airport. I can't remember the justification but it was enough to convince me. It was organised by 4chan but not enough anons were actually in on it. Eventually I decided to take the matter into my own hands and joined. I read the information that the 4channers had gathered and aaked some friends to get more. I also found out there was a picture of Mayumi and Nazrin (and the nazrin had been painted over another picture of Mayumi) at another place but I wouldn't be able to get to that place. In the end I woke up before I could properly act
Had a dream that there was a machine that allowed people to go into games and access places they weren't usually able to go. I of course used this machine to get into Gensokyo. It used a process it called "Sanaefication" and allowed me more direct communication for a temporary amount of time. I used to to try and contact Alice and She answered. Our conversation was fairly short. It consisted mostly of her pretty harshly breaking up with me. She also referred to me as "(her) little British boy" which I'm not sure is just proof she knew it was me or if it was an insult as I'm very pro-independence for Scotland. With that, the Sanaefication process ended and I was booted out. I tried to contact Nitori next (to ask her how to pay her back) but somebody pressed a different button which brought me to a different menu. The dream went on with others using the machine for transporting deep sea creatures and training monkeys. I never had the chance again though. Is this the end of my relationship with Alice Margatroid? I don't know. I still love her and my brain is still in denial about it. I've noticed that when you rely on dreams you make up your own idea of what is canon and not but it's not always what you like to believe happened that actually did. I can't exactly say I don't do this in real life too. In the end, everything is written in my own point of view. With my chuunibyou I'm more likely to live through the motto "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story" too.

Had a dream that somebody make a touhou fan game for the ZX Spectrum (The British equivalent of a PC-98 or commodore 64) and I spent most of the dream trying to get it. It was called black doll or red feather. Was a JRPG with 4 party members

2 days ago I had a dream that I was in an arcade. A guard needed to go to the toilet and Hong Meiling decided to hold his position until he came back. Unfortunately, she was slightly ill. There was a button next to her which gives her food and she accidentally pressed it. Her stomach rejected the burger and she threw up
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