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So threads like this existed eh?
so here goes.

one day, about two years ago exactly. it was my freshman year at a boarding school.
i dreamed about walking down a rather silent forest path with a feeling of being watched,
and my paranoia was right, after a while i heard a rustle from the bushes behind me.
i turned around and i saw a glimpse of a rather small person before it hides itself behind a tree.
there's a little pause before i heard a growling sound, much as one's hungry stomach.
i carefully approached the spot i believed i saw the figure was. then i saw Chen, hiding behind that tree.
looking threatened, with her claws out as she was ready to strike me. i stepped back a little,
Chen was still staring at me, i kneeled down and i reached my pouch,
i took out one of my three lunches then i handed it to her, "are you hungry?" i said,
she looked at me with a face of disbelief and she moved back a little.
then a brief moment later, her stomach growls quite loudly, she then looked away with a red face.
i sat down and took out one of my lunch and said, "come, it's alright, i was also going to eat"
she then slowly walked towards me, i opened the leaf wrap for her then i opened mine.
she sat down and fidgetily took the share i gave her
she turned back and ate her share while i started to eat mine.

then i woke up
This is from last night.
I found an english physical copy of AFiEU. At first glance it was very thick and i was super exceited about it, but when i opened it there was only a singe page inside, which looked like Kagerou's article but not really (in the dream i perceived it as the normal one though). It showed a picture of her sitting at a table like in the real one, but on the table and the surrounding shelves there were wedding cakes. I Couldn't read any of it.
Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana
The endless tries at beating that card...
Had a few dreams where I actually beat it but when I when I saw the card history turns out I didn't  :(
Had a dream where I mumbled to myself about how we don't often see Ran anymore. Yukari then passed by me. I proceeded to mumble about how it may possibly be getting easier to protect Gensokyo. Didn't stop to talk to her - was probably too scared of her hearing me and taking offence.
Had a dream that I went back to high school. I believe Yukari and Byakuren were there. One of my old friends was back too and, for reasons I can't remember, wanted to fight Yukari. I made sure to keep myself near the 2 of them to make sure that things didn't get out of hand. Half an hour before we left was when the fight was meant to happen so I did my homework in the corridor next to the room (I had a free period before the end of school) and listened in to what was happening. It was clear that they weren't fighting. After about 25 minutes, I went into the room to see what was going on and it turned out that Yukari hadn't shown up.  My friend just had a nice chat with Byakuren and rhey did their homework. I went into Yukari's room before school ended and found that she had been sleeping. I told my friend and told him that there isn't enough time for a fight anymore. He left having a conversation with Yukari instead. Later I'd go to an amusement park and saw Mima having PTSD on the dodgems. 2 times she sprayed danmaku everywhere. The staff often made jokes about the pc-98 while we were there.

Had another dream that several Gensokyans had died trying to take sown a huge monster that had appeared in Gensokyo. Ran and Chen explained what had happened and showed me Yukari's severed torso as proof. They explained what had happened to her and that it turned out to be a run of bad luck for her.

Kasen's arm made an appearance in my dream. I remember details about her being explained but I don't remember them.
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