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Lunasa Prismriver:
Don't worry about randoms, Danmakufu saves the seed of every rand() you'll put, you don't need commons data and you can abuse of random  :3c

If you want to manipulate every parameters of yours shots (and making bouncing ones or whatever other bullets), you must use object bullets, in fact, object bullets are just a declaration of the different parameters of the bullet in a task. They aren't that hard, learn the tutorials, read the "manual" (aka Touhou Danmakufu wiki) and you can look other scripts to see how bullets are scripted. Every pattern (excluded very very very very complicated ones) can be scripted into Danmakufu.  :)
QEDing bullets and wallbouncing ones are made with object bullets. Gravity ones can be make with CreateShotA (cf. Danmakufu Basics Tutorial by Blargel on the wiki).

If you want to using a task to manage enemy's firing, create a task, then put a infinite loop (with loop() without any number declared or using while(1)). Don't forget to put a yield; in @MainLoop and at the end of your loop or else Danmakufu will freeze. Call the loop at the end of @Initialize.

I agree Danmakufu's coordinate system is a bit weird but it's easy to handle with practice.
Drawing system is pretty easy and there is a lot functions/effects easily usable (I think of the last spell of Reisen).
All of this is for Danmakufu 0.12m put it could be easily port to ph3, at least I think.  ;)

I haven't had much success with drawing on Danmakufu. My cut-in for my player spell has half of his head cut off (I think the dimensions are 500x500), and I can't make my enemy appear on the screen in the draw loop.

Still, I'm getting used to the stuff, so maybe, just maybe, I can port this.

Lol that's rather large for a cut in XD Try like 300x360 or something XD

When I did that, the left half of the image appeared in the spell, and that's weird.

Lunasa Prismriver:
That's normal. You should re-dimensionate your picture to 300*360  :) .


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