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[Art] Nemesis Rising! - I did completed something for once!
« on: August 13, 2012, 06:54:41 AM »
After obtaining a five-leaf clover and a whole rabbit instead of just its foot during a celestial alignment, I actually completed a drawing instead of completely losing faith in myself!

Kasuga's Jadefire Scion Blades
Three weeks of pain and reference seeking resulted in this creation. Originally, I wanted to draw Kasuga in her battle uniform but I don't have a concrete concept of what her uniform looks like. Instead, I drew her in her school uniform. Her skirt was a challenge for me as I had no clue as to how to draw a school skirt properly. After digging through Danbooru for references, I decided fashion her skirt into what I refer to as "sawblade" pleats. Since I have absolutely no clue on how to draw backgrounds, I had to do something rather than having her against a white screen.

Planned Works
Where are my glasses?
Difficuly Level: Easy

Rumia-Charlotte Food Chain
Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

Creative Utilities
Difficulty Level: Medium

Sisterly Hijinks with Kohaku and Kasuga
Difficulty Level: Hard

Monarch Gunship
Difficulty Level: Very Hard