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Where Would You Most Want to Live in Gensokyo?
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The Mountain of Youkai might be good to live on... Tengu of wind incarnation, kappa of ally to human, scrupulous green miko, 2 gods of the heaven & the earth... I could go to talk with them on the Mountain...
But I'd live on Scarlet Devil Mansion. On every morning & night, I'd eat breakfast next to Hong Meiling, chatting this or that thing about the outer world or the plants in the Garden. And on the daytime, I'd read books in the Library. Sometimes play with the purple librarian(?) and say "Excuse me, Ms. Knowledge. I've been feeling that you get more brilliant, beautiful if you wear a pair of glasses. And I'm sure that your wearing this pair of glasses makes you an extremely high existance, and I would get crazy".
My own pocket dimension that formed in Marisa's teapot, of course.
Serial ATA:
Would like to live in the Mayohiga as a human getting lost lol, but seriously I'd pick up the place because I like quiet place and Mayohiga seems to fit my preference. That, or the Sanzu no Kawa, and I heard it's a wonderful place to visit this summer.
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