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Where Would You Most Want to Live in Gensokyo?
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Tenbatsu! Myon Rabbie:
Moriya Shrine, duh
1. at the Hakurei Shrine.
2. With Mokou
"Live"... can I even classify?
Hmm...when I try to think about it, I really don't know.

If I were Youkai, most likely the Youkai Mountain, or the Underground City. Human, definitely either in the Human Village or the Hakurei Shrine.

Typical day...

...in the Youkai mountain I'll just be walking around, maybe travelling around Gesokyo, but mostly enjoying the view from the Mountain.

As a human, either farm to live in the village, or help out Reimu and stay as close to her as possible in the Shrine.
Does the word 'live' imply you have to be alive?

If not, Hakugyokurou sounds like a pretty sweet place to exist. It IS meant to be the Buddhist Pure Land, after all.
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