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Where Would You Most Want to Live in Gensokyo?
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Young Demon Lord:

--- Quote from: Myon on April 22, 2009, 12:03:25 PM ---Moriya Shrine, duh

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What he said.

<3 Sanae
<3 Suwako.
Demonlord Pichu:
I'd feel most at home in Makai, I would believe is fairly peaceful to live in, given the fact that everyone around you there is a demonic entity and the ruler is also it's creator, besides those factors I wouldn't put it past me that Makai would be just like living in the human village only with a minimal threat of Yukari involvment and what not.
If we stick to Japanese mythology, I'd be a Okuri-ōkami, living around Hakurei Shrine.

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On the Undefined Fantastic Object.

Because it's fantastic.

--- Quote from: Kiro on April 22, 2009, 06:27:08 PM ---On the Undefined Fantastic Object.

Because it's fantastic.

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We don't even know where it is yet.

Eintei with all the rabbits for me.
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