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Where Would You Most Want to Live in Gensokyo?
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If you were able to choose any one place in Gensokyo to live, where would it be? And no, you don't have to be human - you could choose to be any species you wanted, to give you more freedom of places to choose from.

Why would you want to live there?

What do you think a typical day in your life would be like?
Speaking for myself, I'd like to live on Youkai Mountain.

The view would be nice, and as a tengu, I could swoop down from there onto virtually anywhere in Gensokyo.

A typical day in my life would be fact-checking Aya's stories - itself a time-consuming task - then maybe popping on down to Hakurei Shrine in the evenings to see if there's a party going on. Also, because the Touhou wiki says Kaguya likes conversation and to show Lunarian artefacts to guests, I might try and pay her a visit, for the stories, and to keep her company.
A kappa, living in the kappa town under the mountain behind the waterfall, as a kappa engineer, with my own kappa laboratory. I'd share plans with Nitori, build tanks and random stuff with Rika whenever she drops by, go down to the village every now and then to sell my inventions to villagers or Kourindou, get hired to fix consoles, computers, etc. at Eientei for the resident NEET, Kaguya, probably argue over electricity rates with the Tengu upstairs, and essentially binge on cucumbers.
As a human or fairy, SOMEPLACE SAFE.

Otherwise, I would probably be a wandering storyteller tengu.  The adventure of being able to traverse Gensokyo coupled with being able to meet/hopefully befriend everyone sounds appealing.
Mahou no Mori is the best place to relax. Somehow I'm curious how to befriend with those light fairies plus, if something bad happened, you can seek protection at Alice's house.
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