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Aya's Notes and Observations
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Oh, hey guys. Remember my bullshit story that I posted on the last forum?
Look, I give you MORE Brouhou abominations of words and typing.
Not too much to say on this one. It's kind of like a collection of notes of Brouhou Aya watching people and stuff. Shut up, I suck at summarizing. There's some awful butchering of things such as time, personalities, etc. Be warned, there is SLIGHT traces of bromance. But no fangirly shit.

This is the "testing the waters" first chapter of the story-thing.

- - -

If you are reading this, you are probably Momiji getting into my things again. Leave my stuff alone and put this down. If you aren?t Momiji, that probably means he went out and leaked my reports again. But, that isn?t too big of an issue.  Once again, the main idea in this paragraph is ?Stay the hell out of my files, Momiji.?
   Anyway, I am terrible at introductions. First of all, my name is Aya Shameimaru, reporter for Gensokyo?s only youkai-owned newspaper, the Bunbunmaru. You should probably know me. After all, I?m pretty much a celebrity, aren?t I? I hail from the mountains along with my dear friend Momiji Inubashiri, a fellow Tengu and persistent irritator.  Now that I think about it, whoever you may be, I?ve probably either taken pictures of you or done a report on you- whether you realized it or not, of course. I work in mysterious ways.
   Now, with that awful yet mandatory introduction out of the way, I can get to explaining each of my reports. The humans and youkai of Gensokyo have always been a strange bunch, with their romances etc, so I?ve made it my job to secretly document as many as I can of every little incident. Included so far in my notes is a strange, hard-to-ignore confrontation between the two Shrine Maidens of both the Hakurei and Moriya shrines. Of course, Sanae insists he is a Wind Priest and Reimu a Shrine Attendant, but I am not buying it, nor am I listening. I?m pretty sure they just don?t like how feminine their positions are.
   Without any further ado, I present my findings. Enjoy. Unless you are Momiji.
-There is ?Momiji Rules, Aya Drools!? scribbled across in angry, red letters-
   Thursday, 12:37 PM, Outside Hakurei Shrine.
   Let me tell you this, standing one legged on a flimsy tree branch with a five pound camera in tow is absolutely no laughing matter. I teeter a bit to the left and right for a good full minute, try to get the perfect sweet spot of balance and vantage, and zoom in to Reimu, who is currently sweeping. I let out a yawn in boredom. This is incredibly bland at the moment. I point my camera over to the little oni boy who prides in stalking Reimu. His name is Suika or something along those lines, but he isn?t important right now, so, I shift my focus back to Reimu.
   Thursday, 1:28 PM, Outside Hakurei Shrine.
   Well, it?s been about an hour now and no dice. Reimu occasionally sits down and takes a drink break and goes inside, but most of the time he just stands out there sweeping. It?s like he?s just making dust to sweep up now or something. That weird oni kid has been hiding in that little bush of his, staring at Reimu, for ages. The stalker?s probably been here days before I even considered doing a report on Reimu. Suika glances at me for a second and turns away. He really is strange. And, apparently, Reimu sees him too, and sends a pretty white seal with ?Demon, be gone!? inscribed on the front hurtling right at his face. It sticks to his forehead and he disappears. This is getting dreadfully at boring, even more so than the last time I complained.
   Thursday, 1:45 PM, Outside Hakurei Shrine.
   Finally some action! Sanae walks up to Reimu with an obviously see-through ?mysterious? getup. He?s dressed in some weird white yukata with a fan obscuring the lower half of his face, green hair tied back into a ponytail.
   ?You?re alone now, right? That oni is gone?? he asks. I focus my camera on him and smile. This?ll be easy.
   ??Yeah. I got rid of him pretty easily. What a little stalker.? Reimu replies, putting down his broom. Just as I suspected, there wasn?t even a speck of dust left on it. ?I threw a banishing tag at him and poof, no more Suika.?
   ?Ahaha, really?? I hear Sanae laugh and mutter something quietly after that. Leaning over a bit, I strain my ears to hear more. ?Are you sure it?s totally safe? Can I take all of this off now??
   ?I wouldn?t if I were you.? Reimu leans in and adds in a whisper: ?I feel as though we?re being watched.?
   ?Watched? I don?t see anyone around.? Sanae stares at him as though he?s nuts. Which in my opinion, he is.
   ?? Ah, I know what it is. It?s that damn Tengu!? Reimu hisses, spinning around to face in my direction. I slink back a little more into the tree?s leaves. ?Come on out, birdbrain!?
   Oh, ouch. That kinda hurt. Birdbrain? Let me set this straight for you, Tengu are not in any way, shape, or form stupid. Nor do we have any close relation to birds. Crow demons do not equal actual crows themselves. I repeat, no close relation.
   ?I see you there! You know you?re not sneaky!?
   He glares daggers at me and
-The bottom of the page is covered in dirt and grass stains-