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Sanasanasan and Ruro (Season 1)
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:51:33 AM »
This thread is for the lovely lady Sanasanasan to resist the gentleman's charm of Sir Ruro.
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He thought that on that same day he was to take the city of Priam, but he little knew what was in the mind of Jove, who had many another hard-fought fight in store alike for Danaans and Trojans."

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2009, 04:53:42 AM »


As a token of my affection. I hope you dream of sexy hats tonight~


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
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Ah...I'm very flattered, but....I'm sorry!
My heart already belongs to someone else! I know she's waiting for me out there, somewhere!
I promised myself I would wait....And for her, I will do anything.

I'm sorry you went through all of this for me, but I'm afraid I cannot accept your offer.


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
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Dear Sanasanasan:

I respect and admire your strength of will. If you had just given in to my first advances, you would have ruined my perception of you being a morally upstanding, beautiful young woman. I find devotion to one's love to be incredibly attractive, and I hope you will someday show that sort of affection for me.

I am not interested in an easy conquest, and I can assure you that I will not back down from my love for you for one bit. I will do whatever it takes to win your pure heart; if you do end up turning me down, I will still love you, but until that happens, I shall try my very hardest to win your hand.

In the meantime, I have promised you a gift, but without context, it's meaningless. So please, do accept this short story as another small token of my great and undying affection for you.

The True, Shocking Story of Undefined Fantastic Object
Red Thaumatology
2AA 5C 4C 2C 623B 5B 2C 2A (whiff) 4C 623B 5B 2C 2A (whiff) 623B ? A Short Story

So there they sat-- the seven of them-- around a table. Three professors, two students, a little schoolgirl, and a bored poltergeist. Sake was flowing quite freely, and talk soon turned to matters of gaming.

?I can't believe it,? Yumemi Okazaki said, holding her sake cup in her hands. ?I didn't make it into UFO...?

?Oh, I know,? Chiyuri Kitashirakawa groaned, all the while sipping liberally from her own cup. ?That Captain Murasa girl... she stole my sailor outfit, my teleporting attack, and even passed me up in RANK!?

?Please,? Yumemi shot back. ?Byakuren stole my pointless religious symbolism and made it have a point. Her opener is a ripoff of Remilia's, and one of her noncards is a shout-out to Yukari. Fragrance of a Makai Butterfly is obviously stolen from Yuyuko, and of course, let's not get into Shinki's case...?

?Feh,? Kana Anaberal snorted. ?At least you two were popular enough to have a fanbase who noticed. It's been, what, twelve years, and I still haven't seen more than a few pages of fanart of me.?

?At least you're original, Kana,? Rikako Asakura interjected, taking a small sip of sake. ?People saw so little of me in SoEW that they barely remembered anything but that stupid tank. I thought dyeing my hair some outrageous colour would make people pay attention to me, and it did for a while, but then people decided that ?Patchurry? or whatever was sexier, and then Nitori and those damned kappas stole my technology...?

?Ahem,? Yumemi said, holding up a picture of the Probability Hyperspace Vessel, which had been stolen a while ago and then used to power the Palanquin Ship.

"Oh yeah," Rikako hiccuped. ?Sorry. But still, unlike you, I never got to be the final boss of anything.?

?You all still have it much better than we do.?

Everyone looked over at Renko Usami, who was sulking at the table next to Maribel Hearn.

?We got a handful of CD stories about us,? Renko said sullenly. ?No games, no comics, and not even a single in-game mention.?

Maribel nodded. ?At least Rinnosuke got mentioned in UFO stage five.?

?Don't bring that up around her!? Kana hissed, waving wildly at the corner of the room, where Ellen Aureus stood stock-still, staring at nothing in particular. ?It was her shop Nazrin got the Pagoda of Vaisravana from, but no one else has figured it out because no one bothers enough to play her route and see her ending.?

Yumemi took a long sip of sake and sighed.

?Mm,? she smirked. ?I can think of someone here who hasn't said a word.?

Sanae Kotiya squirmed in her seat uneasily, not wanting to meet anyone's eyes, and focused on the cup of juice she had in front of her.

?Man,? Chiyuri whined. ?It must be so awesome to be popular with the fanbase.?

?At least she took my religious symbolism lessons to heart,? Yumemi said, raising her cup to Sanae. ?I saw your little Red Sea trick, you know. You're such a good student.?

Sanae smiled and blushed.

Renko observed this and frowned. ?Hey, Yumemi-sensei, can we play Act Cadenza or somethin'?? she asked, making the professor look at her in surprise.

?We haven't played Melty together since you left my freshman physics class!?

?Yeah, I know,? Renko nodded. ?I wanted to try again, it's been a while.?

?All righty then,? Yumemi said, standing up from the table and moving over to the sofa, where her PS2 was plugged in. ?How does Actress Again sound??

?You got your hands on AA?? her former student asked, excitement in her voice.

?Limited edition, at that,? the older woman laughed, tossing Renko the player two controls.

?Oh, that's so unfair. I got it the day it came out, but it wasn't a limited edition...?

?Hold on, let me start it up.?

Yumemi checked on all the connections while Chiyuri, Kana, and Rikako drifted over. Maribel and Sanae came up behind Renko, and Maribel pulled off Renko's hat and ruffled her hair.

?Hey! Don't take my hat! My hat makes me sexy!?

?Your smile is what makes you sexy,? Maribel returned with a wink, putting Renko's hat on Sanae.

?Very true,? Yumemi added, getting up and taking her seat next to Renko. ?Besides, real women don't have to wear hats.? She smiled and flicked her long red tresses.

?Yes, just like Byakuren,? Renko muttered.

The professor glared at her. ?I'm going to get you for that.?

?All righty, then,? Renko said, going straight for Crescent Akiha Vermilion.

?Oh ho,? Yumemi chuckled, moving over to Crescent Ryougi. ?Akiha, eh? Sorry, but I'm going to go with my fellow strawberry girl.?

?Hmm,? Kana frowned, tapping her arm. ?Ah. I've got an idea.?

?What is it, Kana?? Yumemi asked as Renko opened up practice mode to warm up.

?This is so boring if all you do is play,? the poltergeist grinned. ?So why don't you make this a stripping game??

?A stripping game, eh?? The professor raised en eyebrow.

?Yeah! Every match you play, when the loser dies, they have to take off their clothes!? Kana laughed.

Chiyuri spoke up, obviously amused by the idea. ?And if you Arc Drive Finish them, two clothing items!?

?That is genius,? Yumemi said. ?What do you think, Renko??

?Heh,? the student chuckled, playing with her jacket. ?Hope you have the heater on, since you?re going to get real cold, real fast.?

?Mmm... in that case, hold on.? Yumemi turned around. ?Hey, Chiyuri, can you go grab my cape??

?Will do, ma?am.? A slightly tipsy Chiyuri saluted and ran out of the room.

?Hey, Renko,? Sanae asked, ?do you want your hat back??

?Nah,? Renko replied, grinning. ?I?m pretty sure I won?t need it. You just watch the master at play.?

Maribel looked at her best friend, worry in her eyes.

?Well... just play it safe, okay??

?Oh, you know me!? Renko turned to her and winked. ?Back when me and Yumemi stayed after school in her classroom to play Cadenza, I never once lost to her. When have I ever lost a match as V. Akiha, anyway??


?AHAHAHAHAHAHA!? Yumemi crowed as she drank liberally from her bottle of sake. ?ARC DRIVE FINISHED, BABY! TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT ALL OFF!?

?I can?t believe this,? Renko said dumbly as she pulled off both of her socks, throwing them to the pile of clothing she had off to her side. ?Me? Losing to my old teacher??

?You sure are,? Sanae said, eating popcorn out of the large bowl Kana was passing around. ?Oh, that was one painful combo. Nice.?

?Renko...? Maribel said, worry in her tone. ?Are you cold??

Renko pulled her legs beneath her. She was only wearing short spandex shorts and a bra at this point; after the next loss, she would have everything to lose.

?T--turn up the heater,? Renko asked, shivering slightly.

?Well, Renko?? Yumemi winked at her. To be fair, Renko hadn?t gone down without a fight; with V. Akiha?s infinite momiji loops, she had managed to score two wins off of her. But all Yumemi had lost was her shirt and her cape; Renko was clearly on the losing end of this match. ?Regretting your decision yet?? She hiccupped.

?Geez, you?d think you?d pass out after drinking all that,? Renko smirked.

?Actually, everything up to vodka only gives Yumemi a light buzz,? Rikako put in. ?Moreover, I ran some tests, and it seems that her motor skills improve after she drinks. If anything, she gets better at things when she?s drunk.?

?Next round!? Yumemi cheered, starting a new match.

?Oh dear!? Renko hissed and turned back to the screen, focusing on airdashing away from Yumemi?s C-Ryougi.

But that was how Yumemi got her. Starting with a j.C, her Ryougi slashed upwards and hit Renko?s V.Akiha for 850 damage. Then she had her where she wanted her, and with stunning dexterity, moved easily, doing a 2A 5BB 2B 5C 2C 6C, then whipping out a j.B, air dashing at her, then pulling out j.B dj.B dj.C, and moving into 236C in quick succession.

In a very short while, Renko saw her life meter drop to zero.

?Ohh,? she groaned and buried her face in her hands as Yumemi got up and danced with Ellen, twirling her around.

?Are you all right?? Maribel asked, putting her hand on Renko?s shoulder.


With a sigh of resignation, Renko stood and pulled off her black spandex shorts, revealing her--

?AHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLUE PANTIES WITH STARS ON THEM! AHAHAHAHAHA!? Chiyuri yelled as everyone in the room burst out laughing.

Renko?s face burned.

?Okay, let?s keep going,? she huffed as she sat down on the sofa with as much dignity as she could muster.

?Renko!? Maribel objected, kneeling by Renko?s side on the floor. ?Renko, you?re not reall--?

?You don?t believe I can win, do you?? Renko asked her sharply, looking down at Maribel.

?Not that,? her friend said, turning red. ?I...?

?...? Renko sighed as Yumemi sat back down next to her. ?Please, Merry, just... hang in there. I promise I?ll be fine. Just... believe in me, okay?? She stretched her hand out to her.

Maribel took her hand and squeezed it. ?... yes. I know you can win.?

Renko flashed her a smile. ?Thanks, Merry. Now if you?ll excuse me~?

?Oh ho!? Yumemi laughed as Renko selected V. Akiha again. ?I can see that you want to end up without anything at all!?

Renko didn?t say anything, but just sat quietly, turning backwards to see something as Yumemi started the next match.

?Round one. Fighto.?

As soon as she heard the game?s voice finish, she sprang into action. Catching Yumemi?s Ryougi by surprise, she immediately unleashed a 2AA 5C 4C 2C 623B 5A 2C combo that made Maribel?s head spin. Then Renko whiffed her 2A, but instead of ending the combo, she continued with 4C 623B 5A 2C, then whiffed her 2A again and finished with 4C 623B.

?Momiji loop, in practice.? Renko flicked her hair as the flashy combo ended with Ryougi on the ground.

?Wha-- what the hell was that?!? Yumemi demanded.

?V. Akiha special,? her student replied. ?Oh, don?t worry,? she said as she zoomed at Ryougi, who was barely getting up. ?That was just the hard mode.?

Renko?s fingers moved faster than Maribel had ever seen, going into a reiteration of the previous combo, but with 5Bs replacing two of the 5As. She knew from experience that it was extremely hard to get the 5B to hit, but it was worth it; that combo did almost 5k of damage, with no meter at all.

?That was the lunatic mode version of infinite momiji loop,? Renko said, turning to enjoy the stunned look on Yumemi?s face.

Renko didn?t stop there, though. She activated V. Akiha?s Blood Heat mode-- V. Akiha then raised a hand, suspended Ryougi in midair, and then summoned enormous red flames from the ground that hit her for the last of her life points.

?Last Arc Finish!? she said triumphantly as Ryougi went down for the count.

?No,? Yumemi muttered as she stared at the screen. ?No.?

?Let?s see, on our current system of ranking endings, I think a Last Arc Finish should count as three clothing items,? Rikako said, enjoying the look on Yumemi?s face.

?Excellent idea!? Chiyuri said, leaping at her ?boss? and pulling off her skirt. ?Oh, wait! Yumemi, you moron!?

Yumemi sat there, dressed in only a red bra and red panties. She still had two more items of clothing to take off.

?Why didn?t you wear more?!? Chiyuri demanded.

?I did! I wore my cape!? her boss shot back. ?It?s not my fault that was a Last Arc Finish!?

Renko smiled and crossed her arms as Maribel came up beside her, putting her jacket on over her shoulders. Renko squeezed her hand and pulled Yumemi?s cape out of the pile of clothes, then put it around Yumemi?s shoulders.

?Why don?t we call this even, then?? she offered.

Yumemi looked at her, surprise on her face. ?Really??

?Of course,? Renko assured her with a smile. ?You taught me everything I know from the very beginning, after all.?

??RENKO!? she exclaimed, throwing herself into Renko?s arms for a hug.

Her cape enveloped them both, and the two girls stayed there, wearing only their underclothes under the cape. Renko was stunned. She really did smell like strawberries up close... her hands were on Yumemi?s bare waist, and she had to admit she enjoyed the feeling of her warm, smooth skin--

?You rock,? Yumemi said, breaking off the hug as Renko looked at her, her face bright red. ?Oh, maybe we should get our clothes back on... does anyone want to play?? she asked, raising the controller.

?May I?? Ruukoto asked, taking the controller. ?I main Mech Hisui, by the way.?

?White Len for me!? Kana said excitedly as she floated through Ruukoto?s body and took the second controller. ?Come on, let?s go!?

Renko, for her part, went over to her pile of clothes and buttoned up her white shirt. ?I got lucky,? she muttered. ?They counted my tie as a clothing item.?

?How did you DO that?? Maribel asked, coming up to Renko as she pulled her skirt and socks back on. ?You?ve never pulled that combo off successfully, ever. The 5B is too fast for you.?

?Hmm,? Renko smiled, remembering her warm hug with Yumemi afterwards and the feeling of her bare skin against hers.

?It must have been fate,? she said with a blush.


Off to the side, Ellen smiled.

?The power of miracles, indeed.?

Sanae smiled and raised her glass of juice for a toast.

Clearly, this short story indicates that you and I are meant to be together. Search your feelings, Sanasanasan! I know you have to have at least have some affection for me in your thoughts.

Waiting with love in my heart,
- Rurenko Usami


Only those people with great taste can appreciate a character like Renko. I do admire you so for that.


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #4 on: October 07, 2009, 08:38:08 PM » pleasantly surprised by your feelings for me. However, I beg of you to please consider pursuing someone else. I don't want to hurt you, but should you continue I fear this can only end in heartbreak. So please, reconsider. My heart is set on waiting for my one true love's return.


Alfred F. Jones

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2009, 02:49:59 AM »
Dear Sanasanasan:

Oh, do not think that my heart is so strong that it can withstand my love for you! To be without you is to be slowly dying-- next to that, to have you break my heart would be a blessing! Your mark would never fade away, and I would hold on to the scars with all the devotion I can muster!

I know full well that you love someone else. Still, your love only makes you more and more appealing to me; oh, if only you could gauge the extent of my love for you, a love that will last until death sees fit to end my empty life. You are the only one who will be able to fill my heart with love, I know it! Even if this does end in heartbreak, it will be bittersweet, because I know that it was only because what made you so beautiful in my eyes is precisely what made you choose someone else over me.

Here, as you requested, another token of my love for your fair hand:

We were meant to be, Sanasanasan. If you choose to see otherwise, then I shall go on in the world, and always remember you as the purest, noblest lady I ever had the pleasure of falling for. All I truly want is permission to adore you, protect you, admire you, and make you the center of my universe. I pray you will see fit to let me take your fair hand and slip a ring onto your finger.

Forever pledging my undying love,
- Rurenko Usami


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2009, 03:03:34 AM »
I....I don't understand....
You say you love me because I already love another. You know I love someone else, yet still, you do this. I don't know what to think. Being with you sounds wonderful....but I will be betraying my one true love. My heart is torn with conflict....How am I to decide?


Alfred F. Jones

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2009, 12:13:36 AM »
Dearest Sanasanasan:

A year ago, I was given a very good piece of advice by the mother of a woman scorned in love. She told me that she had made the mistake of marrying the man she loved, who did not love her back. Her heart was broken; it mended, but it still bears the painful scar of a love scorned. Her mother, she told me, had told her in turn that she ought to have married the man who loved her, because that person would stay with them forever.

I do not know if the person you love loves you in turn. I do not mean to insult them, anyway; if this person loves you, then you ought to love them back, by all means. But please, please know this: I love you with every fibre of my being, and I will not leave your side no matter what. I want to stay with you in the best of times and in the worst of times, and I will let nothing short of death tear me from your side.

I know it is but a trifling thing, but... I could not bear to have my gift to you unfinished. Here, to put at least a smile on your beautiful face:

And this is only the first of many things to come, if you will deign to accept my love. I know that I do not have your love-- oh, how I envy that person you hold dear in your heart!-- but I will try, because knowing the way I feel and not acting on it would hurt far worse than the rejection I know you shall give me.

In any case, I have done my best. I leave it up to you to decide to whom you shall give your hand in a pledge of love. The fate of my love is written in your heart.

Asking permission to be by your side 'till the end,
- Rurenko Usami


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #8 on: October 09, 2009, 03:56:55 AM »
I do not know if she loves me. I don't even know if she knows I exist. But for the chance to be with her, I will endure. I will endure heartbreak; I will endure pain. I don't care if she doesn't share my feelings....I would gladly give up my life for a moment with her. So I apologize; I cannot accept your gift. I have realized that so long as my love is alive, I will pursue her. I will only have eyes for her, and if I have to turn down one suitor, or a hundred, so be it. I know I'll meet her someday.


Alfred F. Jones

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #9 on: October 10, 2009, 04:40:07 AM »
Dear Sanasanasan:

I am profoundly sorry for what I sent you the other day. It was truly the most arrogant I have been in ages. I've no idea what came over me. To say that I want you for myself is truly selfish; if you will always love another, that is fine. All I want is to protect you and hold you in my arms, and love you as long as I live; whether or not you return that love is irrelevant.

Originally, I had intended to enclose another token of my affection... but it seems I will not sway you, no matter how many I give you, so I will stop trying.

In any case, do realize this: I will always be here waiting for you if you ever need me, and I will continue to send you tokens of my affection. Know that you do not have to reciprocate them, or my love... but please, if you could on occasion give me a warm smile and a kiss, it may be enough to thaw my now-frozen heart from time to time.

What you feel for your fair maiden is what I feel for you. At least I can relate to you on that level, because it is clear that I am not worthy of your love at all. I am too bold, too arrogant... and more than that, I am not the one you love, that much is clear. It seems you will never be happy with me, no matter what I should try.

... perhaps it would just be better to end this life.

- Rurenko Usami


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #10 on: October 10, 2009, 01:06:20 PM »
To say that you are willing to end your own life over me......It makes me wonder whether you are as compassionate as I thought you were, because that is a terribly selfish thing to do. Even if I may not love you, there will always be others who do. Did you not consider the feelings of others? The ones who care for you, the ones that admire you from afar? Think of what you would put them through! Your life was given to you, and deserves to be treated with respect, not thrown away! So please, move on. Live your life to the fullest, you only have one chance. 


Alfred F. Jones

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #11 on: October 12, 2009, 10:52:58 PM »
Dearest Sanasanasan:

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time.

The only excuse I can offer for my previous letter is that I was in a fit of madness when I wrote it, because that is certainly not how I feel. Suicide is a selfish, selfish act, and I am appalled that my addled brain would even consider such a thing. Life is not meant to be thrown away so hastily; as humans, we are all entitled (yes, entitled) to an inherent respect and dignity. This is what I believe, and I am myself shocked at how low I fell in my last letter.

I will in fact pursue life with joy. Long ago, I made a vow to myself that I would live life, and live it well. Though I seem to be far from your heart no matter how hard I try, I feel you should at least know this before making a final decision. I do not intend to use you as an emotional crutch either way; I have known too many people that entered a relationship only because they wanted to affirm their masculinity through having a woman. That is pathetic, and I do not subscribe to that idea; I come to you only to offer my strength, not to leech it from you.

That said, I find it intriguing that you have been the source of my inspiration over the past week. For you, I have been the most creative I have been in a long while, and for this I thank you.


Red Thaumatology II ? Yumemi's Revenge
2AA 5C 4C 5B 2C 623B 4C 2C 236C 2C 4C 5BB 2A (whiff) 5BB 623B 4C 2C [5BB 2A (whiff)] x 9 5A 5BB 2A (whiff) 5A 5BB 623A ? A Slightly Longer Story


There was a knock on the door. Kana went to open it, forgot that she couldn't, and with her anger she mustered up a feeble physical edge that enabled her to get a grip on the door.

?Who is it?? she asked as she opened it.

?Pizza delivery,? the blonde-haired girl said. ?For, uh... Rikako Asakura's Secret Lab. I think I followed the instructions right... is this the place??

?It sure is,? Kana nodded. ?Ellen, Yumemi, somebody! Come get the pizza!?

Yumemi was the first to show up. She nodded as she took the pizza. ?Hey, Merry. Part-time job??

Maribel nodded. ?And, oh, seeing as you're here...? She pulled a package out from behind her and handed it to the professor. ?On my way here, some girl in a maid outfit gave this to me,? she said as Yumemi unwrapped it. ?She said it was to be delivered to the same address that I was to be delivering the pizza to.?

?Oh, yes, yes,? Yumemi said, looking at the black box. She opened up a gift tag on the mysterious black box; partially out of curiousity, and partially because she hadn't been paid, Maribel stayed to watch.

?My dearest Okazaki-sensei,? she read aloud. ?My daughter VIVIT could not wait to give you her latest pet project. She's been working on it with Ruukoto for quite a while now, and she wanted to let you see a prototype and test out how well it works. Please e-mail all feedback to erich_atreides@yah... yadda yadda yadda..." She read further down, and smiled. ?Yumemi-san! I hope you enjoy this new Playstation XII I built for you, because life-size hard-live battling holographs ROCK! Much love from me an' Ruukoto, your friend, VIVIT.?

?Playstation... what?? Maribel asked, her eyes bugging out.

Yumemi stood there for a moment, then looked at the black box, then at Maribel, then at the black box again.

?Kidnap her,? she ordered Kana, who nodded and powered up her fists with ectoplasm, took hold of Maribel, and hauled her in.

?Hey! You can't do this!? Maribel begged as she was heaved up in Kana's hands.

?Of course we can,? Kana laughed. ?We're villains, remember??

?Besides,? Yumemi said, her eyes somehow glowing an eerie red in the dark. ?I just had this awesome idea...?


?Oh god, I'm late!? Renko yelled to no one in particular as she tied up her boots and ran out of her dorm, then hastily unlocked it and ran back in, grabbed her bookbag, and ran off without shutting the door. ?I stayed up too late playing Soku with Sanae again! God damn it!?

As she raced down the hallway out of the dorm, she noticed people giving her glances, but she chalked it up just to amusement at her lateness. At this rate, she thought as she exited the dorm and made it onto the campus proper, she might make it in time for her class with--

?Hey!? Yumemi laughed, waving at Renko.

?EH?!? Renko stammered as she saw that the main courtyard of the university had been transformed overnight. Hastily-erected bleachers flanked a ring in the center, which Yumemi was currently using for a stage.

?Come on up, Renko Usami!? Rikako Asakura called out, wearing a radio headpiece and talking into a microphone that broadcast her voice over the whole university.

?Do you think she'll get the reference?? Kana asked, floating over Rikako's shoulder.

?Oh, not a chance in hell,? Rikako laughed. ?The Tournament arc took too long anyway.?

?Wh?what?!? Renko asked as the crowd parted for her, letting her pass through to the main stage. She climbed the steps of the ring, and walked to the center, where Rikako, Kana, and Yumemi waited for her.

?What's the meaning of this?!? Renko asked, all thought of getting to class gone.

Yumemi chuckled and wrapped herself in her cape. ?Chiyuri!? she yelled. ?Show the prisoner!?

Behind her, on top of the main building's roof, Chiyuri emerged from behind a stone clock, pulling out--

?MARIBEL!? Renko screamed as she saw her best friend tied up and blindfolded. Chiyuri paraded her to the edge of the building and then pulled her back, laughing.

?That was so you would agree to my demands,? Yumemi grinned.

?DON'T YOU LAY A HAND ON HER!? Renko yelled as she tried to rush Yumemi, but she was held back by Kotohime and Ellen, then forced onto her knees.

?Relax, relax,? Yumemi laughed as she circled Renko, who had been armlocked by Kotohime. ?I am not going to lay a finger on her, if you do as I say.?

Her cape swished around as she walked. Renko glared at her. ?What is this all about, Yumemi??

Yumemi spun on her heel and kneeled down to Renko's eye level, and put her arms on both sides of her so that Yumemi was leaning over her.

?I want a rematch, my dear,? Yumemi purred into Renko's ear, and Renko shivered at the closeness.

Even now, she's still... attractive...

Yumemi grinned. ?I want a rematch of last time's fight,? she said, ?and these are the terms.? She got back up and stood over Renko. ?If I win, then Maribel...?

She drew her finger over her throat in a slashing motion, and Renko flinched.

?You get the idea,? she smirked.

?... and if I win?? Renko challenged. ?What do I--?

?It doesn't matter,? Yumemi cut her off. ?Because you're not going to win, but you can't afford to just walk away.?

Renko glared at her, wishing that Yumemi wouldn't look so attractive with her soft red hair.

?Fine!? she yelled. ?I accept!?

?Excellent.? Yumemi rubbed her hands together. ?Ellen, if you would.?

Ellen, who was now standing outside of the ring, nodded and looked down. Immediately a blue half-sphere of energy surrounded them; Renko looked around, panicked. ?What is this?!?

?Actress Again,? Yumemi replied, a menu screen materializing in thin air in front of them both. ?Future-style.?

?This technology is... impossible,? Renko gasped as she watched Rikako and Yumemi consult together. ?This technology is centuries ahead of the modern day!?

?It sure is!? Yumemi laughed gleefully. ?And I hope you enjoy survival mode with life-size hard-live battling holographs.?

?Wait...? Renko paused as Yumemi left the stage. ?WHAT?!?

?You heard me,? the professor replied as she sat down in a fold-out chair, where she could see all the action in the ring. ?Survival mode, just like back in the good ol' days of PoDD.?

?I thought I was going to fight YOU!?

?You might,? Yumemi chuckled. ?If you can make it past Kana.?

Standing in the middle of the ring, Kana pulled off her elbow-length white gloves and put on a pair of Kaminaglasses, then cranked up the difficulty to 5.

?Maribel,? Renko whispered to herself, biting her lip and looking up at her.

?Something you might want to know,? Kana said, moving to the select screen. ?This is Playstation XII. And some things are a little bit...?

She selected HF-Sion and before her eyes, Kana shimmered and in a burst of blue light, she was dressed in a purple vest and light purple skirt.

?... different.?

?Terrific,? Renko muttered as she selected C-V. Akiha. An explosion of red light later, she was dressed just like her, and had a headband in her hair for whatever reason. Taking a fighting stance, she waited for the game to declare the beginning of the match.

?Oh, one last thing,? Kana said.


?To quote Ranma... I'm really sorry about this.?



?Impressive,? Yumemi commented as she popped a chocolate-covered strawberry into her mouth, watching the action on stage. ?Renko's been at half-gauge ever since her Kana fight, but she's slowly gaining her life back.?

?She is doing fairly well, for how unfair we made it,? Ellen laughed. ?How was my F-Len??

?You did well,? Rikako said. ?Much better than my C-Hisui.? She turned to Yumemi. ?Looks like you're enjoying being chaotic evil.?

?Um, Chaotic Evil is when you run around lighting things on fire indiscriminately.? Yumemi corrected her. ?I'm more along the lines of Lawful Evil.?

?Alignments are bad and you should feel bad,? Ellen hissed.

?Shut up, Neutral Good,? Kana said, hitting her on the head.

?Ujauja,? Ellen muttered just as Kotohime, dressed as Aoko, flew off the stage and landed on top of her.

?Ring out!? Renko yelled, her health bar restoring itself to about 75% full.

?Yikes, that's.... Kana, myself, Ellen, and now Kotohime,? Rikako said, helping Kotohime up.

?Go on in, Mech Hisui,? Yumemi ordered her robot maid, Ruukoto 2.0.

?Yes, mistress,? Ruukoto said, entering the ring and proceeding to shoot missiles at Renko Vermilion.

?She's almost reached me,? Yumemi said, pulling Ellen up from the ground. ?Next is Chiyuri, and then...?

?Hey, Yumemi,? Kana asked. ?Are you really... uh,? she muttered. ?Are you really going to throw Maribel off of the building if Renko loses?? She looked worried. ?Because, uh... I don't really want to have to see someone die again... being a ghost kind of sucks.?

?Nah, probably not,? Yumemi admitted. ?I just kinda wanted to see the look on her face.? She grinned. ?'sides, I had a better idea.?

?... a better idea?? Kana asked, raising an eyebrow.

?Oh, you'll find out when we get there~?


Playing as if she was V. Akiha herself was a new experience. Renko took a few moments to realize that there was no real need to physically input complex commands like ?6C dash 4C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C?. All she had to do was think of the combos, and the machine itself would execute them.

That said, this was insane. There was no way Renko should have been able to slap her opponent twice, then shoot her palm downward, upward, leap up, kick twice in fast succession, then wrap her legs around the opponent?s neck and slam them down onto the floor of the ring. The technology of the future was astounding.

But it did have one nasty side effect. Every blow V. Akiha received went straight to her as well. Though it was all just simulated-- electric shocks substituted the actual physical pain of getting ringslammed, among other things-- it still hurt.

So Renko had learned to use the wonderful power of ring-outs instead. It was just like a martial arts tournament in that the opponent could lose when she was able to push the opponent out of the ring. Moreover, it was faster and carried less of a risk of being hurt.

This had worked until she had reached this level. She was now fighting Chiyuri, who mained Crescent Arcueid. After a nasty tussle with Ruukoto's Half-Moon Mech Hisui, she had been hoping for an easy fight, but Chiyuri wasn't budging an inch. Despite her looks, Arcueid was a heavyweight, with powerful physical attacks and plenty of blood rings to spin at her. V.Akiha was built for speed and speed alone; she had the lowest defense in the entire game, and only her flame hair attacks were even remotely long-range. And she was a lightweight. No matter how much she pushed, Arcueid would never budge. She had had to do it manually.

And she had; she had now gotten Arcueid to only a little bit of life left, but she had paid too much life in turn. She had had almost eighty percent of a lifebar when she had finished with Ruukoto's Mech Hisui; now she was at only thirty, at most. Chiyuri was about to lose, but she had drained enough of Renko's lifebar to ensure that she would be picked off easily by Yumemi's Ryougi.

She grit her teeth. There was no time to worry about that. She had Arcueid to worry about. All she needed was a lucky chanc--

Chiyuri's Arcueid ran at her, preparing to release that strange pink fire from her hands. She looked down--


Activating a simple heat mode, she felt heat rise up in her face. Red clouded her vision-- when the red cleared, she saw that her Akiha's eyebeams had met their mark and knocked the last bit of life from Arcueid.

With a sigh of relief, she saw her lifebar increase to 40%. The situation still wasn't pretty-- she had less than half a lifebar to confront Ryougi-- but it was enough.

?Well done, well done!?

Renko turned to see Yumemi applauding for her as Kotohime and Rikako picked Chiyuri back up and pulled her off the ring. She wasn't transforming into Ryougi... what?

?Very well done,? Yumemi laughed. ?But now your run comes to an end.?

?Just so you know,? Renko said, ?her? long red hair whipping in an electronic breeze, ?I've been picking up some other characters. I now know Ryougi's strong points, her weak points. You don't stand a chance.?

?Me?? Yumemi laughed. ?What do you mean? You're acting as if I was going to fight you.?

?... eh?? the physics student asked just as a dark shadow landed in front of her, knelt, and in a shimmer of blue light transformed into--

?ARCHETYPE: EARTH?!? Renko reeled back on instinct, knowing full well how powerful A:E was. Sure, Ryougi's Last Arc could cut off almost 70% of the opponent?s lifebar, but that damage was still within reason. A:E, on the other hand, had a one-hit KO attack that was horribly unfair.

?Hey, A:E is banned from tourney play!? Renko objected.

Yumemi shrugged. ?Does this look like a tournament? 'sides, I'm a villain.? She grinned. ?I get to do things like this.

?Well, enjoy,? she called out as she descended the steps of the ring.

?WAIT!? Renko called out. ?I thought you were going to be my final boss!?

?Nah,? Yumemi said, sitting down with her friends. ?I forfeited the right to my friend. I'll let her fight in my place.?

It was just then that Renko realized that the people Yumemi was sitting with were all present and accounted for. Yumemi mained Ryougi, she had just defeated Chiyuri's Arcueid, and before that she had fought Ruukoto's Mech Hisui, Kotohime's Aoko, Rikako's Hisui, Ellen's Len (and Sokrates' Neco Arc), and Kana's Sion...

... so just who was this?

She sensed the blow coming before she saw it. Jumping up, she took advantage of V.Akiha's two air dashes, but before she knew it, Archetype Earth had actually leapt up and grabbed hold of her ankle, then *slammed her down onto the ground* and ground her heel into her back.

?GAH!? Renko gasped for breath. She brought up her legs and wrapped them around A:E's, then threw her off. A:E was all but unaffected; despite her heavy weight and her huge dress, she landed quite gracefully.

A sneaking suspicion was growing in the back of Renko's mind... She had to see who this was.

Rushing at her, she leapt into the air and kicked Archetype Earth in the face, then dropped low and slashed at her six times with her claws; on the last slash, she dashed forward and knocked her down with a final slash. But instead of finishing it there, she stood atop Archetype Earth and ground her heel into her throat, disrupting the game's mechanics and interrupting the flow of electricity so that in a shimmer of blue sparks, she could see the face of--

?NO!? she yelled as Archetype Earth grabbed her leg and swung her into the air, then slammed her down onto the ground.

?Yes,? Maribel replied.


(Pardon me, I think I'll have to go on to a next page. This short story is still long enough that it has too many characters to fit on a single one.)

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #12 on: October 12, 2009, 10:56:42 PM »


?Very nice, very nice.? Rikako applauded. ?I like how you pulled off the grand reveal of your trick.?

?I like your style,? Kana added.

?Why, thank you,? Yumemi nodded, accepting the compliments.

?Oh, but I do have one question,? Ellen asked, Sokrates sleeping on her head as she did.

?What's that??

?How did you get Maribel to fight for you??

?Oh, that? That was the simple part.? Yumemi grinned. ?If she can beat Renko, then I promised to bring Renko into Gensokyo on the Probability Hyperspace Vessel with us.?

?Just Renko?? Kotohime asked, raising an eyebrow.

Yumemi nodded. ?Maribel is very unselfish. I had to use that to my advantage.?

?What happens to Maribel??

Yumemi looked at Kana in such a way that Kana suddenly felt as if she didn't need to know the answer to that question.


?But... WHY?!? Renko begged as she leapt around the ring, always trying to stay two steps ahead of Maribel's Archetype Earth. ?What are you doing?!?

?Fighting for your sake!? Maribel yelled back as she raced after Renko, close on her heels.

?I don't want to fight you, Maribel!?

?It's for you, Renko!? Archetype Earth gained on her V. Akiha and before Renko could react, she had pulled off a painful 2A 5C 2B 5B, followed up by a 2C 4B j.B. Letting the last one hit twice, she then moved into a j.C jc j.B and again let the j.B hit twice, then finished with a j.C and an airthrow.

Renko went flying, spinning wildly in the air. Her head was reeling and her body felt as if it had been actually bruised instead of just shocked. She saw the line of the ring beneath her and in a burst of energy, she righted herself in the air and shot down, landing hard on the inside of the ring.

She wouldn't give Yumemi the satisfaction of a ring out in her last match. For Maribel's sake, she had to win!

?How screwed am I?? Renko muttered as she looked up at her lifebar.

5% left.

?Oh, that's not too horrible,? Renko told herself.

Then Archetype Earth activated her blood heat.

?I'll try and make this quick,? Maribel said as she crossed the ring to where Renko was still kneeling down, gasping for breath.

?You're going to Last Arc me?? Renko asked.

?Yes,? Maribel replied, raising her hand for the big finish.

?Oh. Okay.?

Then Renko leapt upwards and came straight at the unguarded Maribel.

2AA 5C 4C 5B 2C 623B 4C 2C 236C 2C 4C 5BB 2A. Whiff. Then 5BB 623B 4C 2C, with a 5BB 2A and a whiff, nine times in quick succession. She continued with a 5A 5BB 2A, whiffed, and then followed up with a 5A 5BB 623A.

And just to drive the point home, she pulled Archetype Earth along by the leg, willing strength back into her weakened arms. With a few last desperate tugs, Renko dragged her to the edge and before Maribel fully realized what was going on, she had been pushed out of the ring.

?Ring out,? Renko said, then collapsed to her knees and breathed hard.


In the bleachers, Yumemi was furious.

?Kana,? she ordered. ?Activate boss rush mode.?

?Eh?? Kana asked, moving over to the Playstation XII's controls. ?Boss rush? We don't have any last people to throw at the--?

?Just do it!?

?Fine, fine,? Kana muttered as she pressed some buttons.


Still dressed as Archetype Earth, Maribel walked over to Renko Vermilion, who had fallen backwards, tired and weak, blood dribbling out of her mouth.

"That last combo took too much out of me..." Renko forced out. "It feels like I'm bruised all over."

"They might be..." Maribel trailed off as she crouched over her prone body. "So, how are you feeling? You don't look too good."

Renko chuckled and coughed. "I can't hear much of anything right now. I think..." she said weakly, her eyes glassing over, "this is... the end... my friend..." She smiled slightly, blood dripping down from the side of her mouth.

"Friend?" Maribel asked, holding on to Renko's hand. "I was... kind of hoping... something else."

"Everything's... going dark..." Renko wheezed. "Oh, Merry, what are you saying...?"

"You know what I'm saying." Maribel's face went slightly red. "I was kind of hoping that someday, we would be a bit more than friends..." She blushed and smiled, the smile leaving her face as Renko coughed even harder and spat up a generous serving of blood and bile.

"Heh..." she grabbed Maribel's arm desperately, her gaze fixed on a position behind her. "Merry... it was a good run, right? I won, right? I saved you, right?"

She spat up some more blood and hacked a bit. "Right, Merry, right? Right?" Her look was almost pleading. Maribel didn't even think Renko could see her anymore.

"Oh, Renko..." Maribel said, trying to find some words to comfort her dying friend.

"Ma... ribel... I... always wanted to... tell you..." Renko said desperately, forcing the words out through sheer willpower.

"Renko..." Maribel said solemnly, as Renko's grip on her shoulder began to loosen.

She gave Maribel a faint smile.

"... I love... you... Mar... i..."

Renko's head lolled to one side, silent.

Maribel's eyes widened in shock.

"Renko!" She shook her, but Renko didn't move. "Renko!"

Maribel turned her face up to the sky. "RENKOOOO!!" she screamed. "RAHHHH!!"


Maribel looked down at her friend's battered body and shook her head slowly. She ran her hands over Renko's bruised face for a long moment.

Then she smacked it. Hard.

"IDIOT!" she yelled. "This is just a video game, remember!?" She flicked Renko's nose, and it shimmered blue.

"Oh yeah! I forgot!" Renko exclaimed, sitting back up in shock, and then falling over again. "But I'm still pretty much out of lifebar," she sighed as Maribel covered her face in disbelief.

"Oh, you silly girl..." Maribel groaned, as a long, sinister looking shadow loomed over her. Turning, she looked up into the smiling face of--

"Hey, Renko? Are we in boss rush mode now?"

"I don't know. Why do you ask?"

"Because there's an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile smiling at us."

"Eh?" Renko sat back up and looked where Maribel was looking, into the smiling face of Mimi-chan, the friendly ICBM.

Renko then glanced at her lifebar. 5% left. Maribel still had around 45%.

"Together, we make half a lifebar," she tried to say cheerfully.

Maribel turned to her.

"Renko, remember that time you threw yourself in front of that insect to save me?"


Maribel laughed and it sounded like the sweetest sound in the world to Renko's ears.

"Well, it's time to let me return the favor!" she yelled just as Mimi-chan launched itself at her.

"MARIBEL!" Renko screamed as Maribel pushed her to the side.

Grinding in her heels, Maribel fixed her gaze on the ICBM, and as it flew right in her face, she narrowed her eyes and opened her arms. The ICBM smashed into her--

And then it didn't budge. Maribel was holding it back, keeping it from advancing on Renko. Sweat broke out on Maribel's forehead.

"She can't hold it forever," Renko muttered. "But I can't help her..." She looked around wildly, trying to see if she could do something. "Oh, god damn it, I need a miracle!"


Kana looked up and sniffed the air.

"What is it?" Chiyuri asked.

"I sense applied phlebotinum in the air."

"... what?"

"Never mind," Kana said, waving it off and looking down.

If she had stayed looking up a second longer, she would have seen a burst of green light hit the Playstation XII--


Even as Archetype Earth, she wasn't invincible-- especially not at half a lifebar with no meter-- and Maribel felt her power begin to give out. She dropped to one knee as she was slowly pushed back by the force of the ICBM. She only had seconds before Mimi would break out of her iron grip and smash into Renko.

She grit her teeth and looked up at Mimi, who was still smiling. "Well, at least you're happy," she remarked dryly as she felt the ICBM push her back just a little bit more, and her power begin to fail--

A flash of green, and Maribel temporarily lost her vision. That was all Mimi needed to smash her in the chin, knock her back, and hurl itself at her friend--

"RENKO!" Maribel yelled as the ICBM went flying, sonic booms clapping in its wake.

But the other person in the ring casually caught the ICBM in one hand, and chuckled.

"Nuh-uh-uh," the person with Renko's voice said. "It's not nice to hit a girl, you know."

"Eh?" Maribel asked as the shadowy person's leg came up and kicked Mimi upwards and over, disappearing in a flash of blue sparks as it "left" the ring. Then she felt a pair of strong arms pick her up and hold her close.

Renko grinned. "Are you all right?" She was dressed as Riesbyfe Stridberg and her lifebar was up to max.

"But how?!" Maribel asked as she saw a second ICBM begin to materialize and shoot at them.

Renko pointed out of the ring, to the bleachers where the university students had been cheering the entire match. In the entire crowd, there was one person that stood out to Maribel's eyes, and that was because she was waving at them, and she had green hair--

"What can I say?" Renko winked. "She stayed up late playing Soku with me, so she got here a bit late, but she's here."

"A miracle," Maribel nodded. "Look out!" she yelled as the second ICBM came shooting at them.

Renko was ready, though. Raising her combat cello, she smashed it down on the ICBM's head as it zoomed by her. She dashed at Maribel and wrapped her arm around her waist, then leapt around the ring, avoiding the barrage of ICBMs that were now pouring out of the boss rush side of the "screen". When it couldn't be helped, she slashed the ICBMs in half, with help from Maribel as well, and they were hit by only the bare minimum of ICBMs.

Maribel looked over at Renko, smiled, and took her hand.

"Thank you," she said, leaning in and kissing her on the forehead.

Renko felt her heart pound as she put her hands on Maribel's waist. Maribel looked down, surprised, which allowed Renko to kiss her on the lips--

Only briefly, though, since there was an ICBM coming right at them. They dashed to opposite sides of the ring. Renko's heart was still pounding; she could see Maribel bringing up her hand to touch her lips.

"Oh, man," Renko laughed. "When we make it out of this, things are gonna change a fair bit..." she avoided a glancing blow from another ICBM, then barely managed to graze another. "Wait a moment," she muttered, turning her attention entirely to the barrage of ICBMs. "Is it just me, or are they coming faster and harder now...?"


"HIT THEM! HIT THEM MORE!" Yumemi yelled as she brought up every difficulty meter she could, adjusting the number of ICBMs being spawned every second.

"Yumemi, you shouldn't do that!" Rikako said, getting to her feet. "It's only an experimental machine, it won't be able to take the strain!"

"Who cares?!" Yumemi hollered back as blue sparks began to fly on the ring. "I've got to win this!"

"Yumemi, it's having problems rendering all the movement!" Chiyuri cried out. "The machine won't take it!"

?Nonsense! It'll be just--? Yumemi was interrupted by the Playstation XII bursting into flames and the entire spectacle collapsing in a flurry of bright blue sparks. ?... fine.?

?... I think you broke it,? Ellen said matter-of-factly, coming up behind Yumemi as she draped herself over the ring's steps and sobbed overdramatically.


The burst of bright blue light blinded Renko for a moment. When it faded, the music and the virtual background was gone, and she was dressed in her normal clothes again. She looked over and saw Maribel back to normal, then rushed over to hug her.

?We did it! We did it!? Maribel exclaimed, jumping up and down in Renko's embrace. Renko chuckled as Maribel's excitement died down and she realized where she was-- in Renko's arms.

Renko was suddenly acutely aware of the situation. She could feel Maribel's soft, warm breath against her neck. The feeling of her skin in her arms. Maribel's chest pushed against her own. She smiled and blushed.

?So... did you really mean what you said earlier? That you wanted to be more than friends with me??

?Well, yes,? Maribel replied. ?We're already really good friends, Renko... but,? she said, bringing up her hand and brushing Renko's hair out of her face. ?I... want to try to be something more...?

A sort of tightness gripped Renko's chest; she felt a longing to get closer to Merry. ?That's fine with me,? the physics student replied, bringing her closer. ?... because I've been thinking of the same thing.?

Before Maribel could reply, Renko had pressed her lips to hers for a gentle kiss. Maribel was taken aback for a moment, but then she returned it, wrapping her arms around Renko, much to the cheers of the screaming crowd--

?HEY!? Yumemi yelled, marching up on stage. ?Public displays of affection are not acceptable on this campus!?

?Oh, and all this is?? Renko asked, pulling away from a breathless Maribel and motioning to the spectacle behind them. She glared at the professor. ?What gave you the idea to do this?! What could have possessed you to come up with some harebrained scheme like this?? she demanded, waving her hand over the ring where just a few minutes ago, she had been battling a barrage of intercontinental ballistic missiles with her best friend. ?How on earth did you think of this?!?

?I...? Yumemi paused for a moment. She looked... confused. Then a red glow came back in her eyes and she grinned at them, malice in her expression. ?I wanted to see you suffer, Renko Usami!?

Renko growled and pulled Maribel close to her.

?Renko,? Maribel whispered. ?You didn't miss that, did you??

?What?? Renko whispered back.

?The red glow. There's no way that Yumemi is acting normally. I think she's being controlled.?

?Huh, now that you mention it...? Yumemi was standing there, a faint red aura surrounding her. ?... you know, I think you're right. Is it a youkai??

?I don't know, but I'm not taking any chances,? Maribel said, putting her hand inside her pocket and making some hasty movements.

Yumemi was stalking towards them, an angry red aura definitely beginning to surround her. Renko pushed Maribel back, away from the professor's wrath.

?You two are so annoying!? Yumemi yelled, a strange dual layer to her voice. Phantoms of huge red crosses materialized behind her, making Renko worried, even as Maribel kept moving.

?Oh, and I would have succeeded, too, if only it hadn't been for you meddli--?

?Rin, Pyō, Tō, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!?

?What the hell?? Yumemi asked as she turned around to see who was chanting the Nine Syllable Seals.

?AKURYO TAISEN!? Sanae yelled as she appeared in front of Yumemi, whipped out a sacred charm, and slapped it onto her forehead.

In a burst of green light, Yumemi fell to the ground, as blood streamed out from her back.

?YUMEMI!? Renko yelled, but Sanae had whipped out her gohei and slammed it hard into Renko's chest.

?That's not blood,? she said. ?That's the evil I just exorcised.?

Sure enough, the blood-looking substance was moving too fast to be blood. It snaked away on the ring, then fell off, went through the grass, and disappeared.

?Is it all right to let it go?? Maribel asked, snapping her cell phone shut. She had been texting to Sanae to tell her to come down to the ring.

?It's too weak to harm anyone.? Sanae turned to them. ?Nice job, guys.?

?Good job to you,? Maribel said, patting the girl's hair. ?Were those the nine syllable seals? My parents used to teach me about those when I was younger.?

?They sure were,? Sanae replied, smiling. ?I'm thinking of making them into danmaku someday.?

?Ugh... my head,? a voice muttered.

?Okazaki-sensei!? the psychology student cried out as Yumemi sat up on the ring.

?Huh... wha?? Yumemi asked as she looked around. ?Where in the heck am I??

?... Yumemi, are you feeling all right?? Renko asked, cautiously leaning down to offer her hand to Yumemi.

Yumemi took it and pulled herself up. ?Oh, my aching head... what's going on??

Maribel and Renko looked at each other.

?It's a school festival!? Sanae exclaimed.

?A school festival? Really?? Yumemi's eyes focused and refocused. ?First I've heard of it... ugh, my head.?

?Yumemi, should we go home for you to rest?? Chiyuri asked, coming up onto the ring.

?Yes, that sounds good,? the professor groaned slightly as Maribel handed her off to Chiyuri. Then Sanae, Maribel, and Renko followed Chiyuri off of the arena.


?Hmm, is there a point to going to class today? All our classes are probably cancelled anyway~? Maribel danced as Sanae and Renko followed her.

?Eh, probably not,? Renko laughed. ?Let's just hole up in my room and play Touhouvania or something.?

?Hmm.? Sanae pondered aloud as she followed the two upperclassmen.

?What is it, Sanae?? Maribel asked.

?I was thinking... how did Yumemi get her hands on that Playstation?? She frowned. ?That can't have been from this century...?

?Well, I kind of gave it to her,? Maribel admitted, laughing. ?I was delivering some pizzas at my job yesterday afternoon and this maid stepped out of the shadows and told me to deliver a box, so I did.?

?Wait, you just deliver mysterious packages for strangers if they come out of the shadows and tell you to do it?? Renko asked, raising an eyebrow.

?She was a maid!? Maribel grinned sheepishly. ?I couldn't turn a maid down!?

?In a maid uniform and everything?? Sanae asked.


?God, who wears that in this day and age? Unless you work at a maid cafe or something. Hmm, what colour was her hair??


?Pink? I don't know anyone in Gensokyo who's a pink-haired maid... but I guess I could ask Kanako-sama about it.?

?A pink-haired maid, huh...? Renko looked up at the wide blue sky as the girls headed to the dorms. ?So... who was really behind all of this...??

?Well, she mentioned the name VIVIT,? Maribel offered.

?VIVIT, eh?? Renko stroked her chin as they went inside. ?Looks like this is something we're going to have to investigate!?


?Damnit,? the pink-haired maid growled as she watched from around a corner. ?I just KNEW I should have equipped the latest Mech Hisuis with the latest model knives with instead of using a Saber +2 with 30% hit.?

She was annoyed; her plan had fallen apart at the end. But still, she had at least gotten to see it in action...

?Oh!? she exclaimed as she saw a red mass move through the grass. It leapt up at her--

?You?re back!? she said happily as she pet the creature, which had taken the form of a cat. ?Well done~?

?Kohaku, come on, we're late for our gig,? Hisui called out, opening the side of a van, which had been painted with the words ?Ryougi Shiki and her Blue Bluegrass Moon band?.

?Yeah, yeah,? Kohaku said as she hopped back in, carrying the purring cat and her banjo.


So there you have it. What I have spent the past two days writing. I hope it shows even a tiniest hint of the extent of my devotion.

Speaking of, I never told you what I live by? I am surprised. In any case, this is the vow I made to myself, years ago:

As I move through life, I?ve no doubt that terrible things will befall me. But I?ve decided that this time, I?m going to change things. Change the way I do business, my outlook on life, and what I consider to be acceptable compromises. It is better, I think, to lose a battle than to lose oneself. It?s a pity it took me so long to find this answer.

I am thankful to be here, to draw breath, to have my family, to be able to change. I will use this gift of freedom and of time wisely. I will remake myself once again, to the way I was when I was a child. I will find that joy, that happiness, that innocence once again. I will be the fire-starter, the troublemaker, the mischievous imp, that wrench in the works that I know I was meant to be. I will make a difference in the world and to the people I love, and this time, I will do it the right way.

My promise has not changed since then, and it will not change, ever. This is what I offer you, Sana-- it is all I can give, and I give it to you, if you wish to accept it.

Rurenko Usami


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #13 on: October 12, 2009, 11:41:53 PM »
I'm glad you've made the right choice. Taking your own life is easy, but living it is a much harder task, and for that, I commend you. As for your renewed creativity, I'm flattered that you find me an inspiration. However.....I can't help but be worried. If I was all it took for you to break your vow to yourself, I can't imagine how many other things would cause the same result. After before, I'm not sure if I can trust you.....I'm sorry. Please forgive me.


Alfred F. Jones

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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #14 on: October 14, 2009, 09:57:05 PM »
And now, though time has officially run out...

Sana, there is nothing to forgive. But even now that two other lovers elsewhere have beaten me... I do not wish to simply leave you. I don't think... it would be good for me to suddenly lose my interest in you. Especially since it is genuine.

In any case, this affection for you shall last beyond the end of this event. I commend you for having resisted me, and pointing out my flaws. I think the true test of whether or not someone loves you is having that person love you enough that they correct your faults, and I truly thank you for doing this for me.

I hope that the next time we meet, it is under even better circumstances than these. Even though I did not win your heart... truly, my affection for you shall not cease, and my admiration of your moral character never die.

With immense gratitude,
- Sakura Rurouni


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Re: Sanasanasan and Ruro
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2009, 10:28:22 PM »
I thank you for your kind words. Let it be known that resisting you was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, but it had to be done. Perhaps one day, I may be able to accept you. But until then, I will forever remember you as my most difficult test.

Until we meet again,