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The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something
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Joveus Molai:
Volunteering my services as well. :3
Iced Fairy:
Current Sacrifices:

1 - Iced Fairy
2 - Sakana
3 - Donut
4 - Sect
5 - Esi
6 - Joveus

We can use 4 more victims for the book gods before venturing into the dungeon.  All you need is a bit of spare time here and there.
Hello Purvis:
How big is the workload looking to be if you get all ten?
Iced Fairy:
Doing a quick eyeball, about 12 works each.  Most of which are going to be hiatused after one or two posts.
I have too much spare time and never use it for anything useful.

That changes now. I'll give it a shot.
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