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The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something
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Joveus Molai:

--- Quote from: Iced Fairy on April 26, 2014, 02:22:02 AM ---It took far longer then normal, and casualty rates were staggering but in the end, we made it!  The library cleanup is complete.

--- End quote ---

Huzzah! \o/

--- Quote ---Thanks to all of our volunteers.  And an extra special thanks to Joveus Molai, who did about half the list himself.  It's because of him that the list got done at all, and for that I've asked he be given the librarian title.  Congrats you earned it.
--- End quote ---

Alfred F. Jones:
Congratulations, Joveus, and thank you so much for all your hard work.
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