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Welcome to TARC! Newbs and Old-Timers, READ OR DIE! (UPDATED April 26, 2017)
Welcome to the Touhou Addict Recovery Center! Here, you can discuss fan speculations and theories, share your favorites videos, music and images, show off your merch, or talk about pretty much anything related to Gensokyo or being a Touhou fan.

Is the thread you want to start basically a single question? Post your question in the Miscellaneous Questions thread instead. Just about every day on TARC lately, I am merging threads with OPs like "Where can I find this song?" or "Why did Touhous go from slippers to shoes after IaMP?" with the Miscellaneous Questions thread. So please, if you just want to ask a question, ask it in that thread. It'll save us all a lot of time.

Regarding ZUN's official policy on fanworks
Fans will sometimes want to make fan works. As this question tends to come up a lot, here is ZUN's official policy on fan works, as of 2011:

--- Quote ---最近、企業が作成する時に二次創作グッズが増えてきたので、それに合わせてガイドラインを改定しました。
Lately the numbers of derivative works explode when commercial works are
released, so I wanted to update the guidelines with that in mind.
I hope things can work something like this.
The basic rules for derivatives by doujin circles aren't really that

東方Projectの版権を利用する際のガイドライン 2011年版
Guidelines for using the Touhou Project setting - ver. 2011

This is a revision to the Touhou Project guidelines, updated for the
state of affairs in 2011.

Use in doujin activities
[n.b. - things doujin circles should do when making Touhou stuff, like
        having contact information visible, attribution, etc.]

Basically, just follow the guidelines as they've been up 'til now.
Detailed information is in the questions and answers collected on this
page, so please have a look.

Selling doujin works in commercial channels is generally not allowed.

I don't generally review or veto the contents of independent works, so please use
your own personal judgment in and take responsibility for your works.

Applications for commercial goods

You need my permission to sell commercial goods.

A friend of mine has graciously offered to serve as the point of
contact for inquiries about works derived from Touhou.

We'll promptly address inquiries from commercial outfits, so please use the following
form to contact us.

In addition, please refrain from making commercial goods of a sexualized
nature (such as dakimakura covers with sexual imagery).

Restrictions on derivative works

I'd like to place the following restrictions on all
derivative works, regardless of whether they're commercial or independent:
For-profit development of works whose main element is animation(*)
 ・Xbox360 インディーズゲームでの販売
Sale of software on the XBox 360 Indies channel
 ・AppStore や Androidマーケットでの販売(企業の方は問い合わせしてください)
Sale of software via the App Store, Android Market, etc. (for commercial
parties, please get in contact with me)
Sale of works in channels that are further reaching than the distribution channels
used by the original works. The original works are primarily sold in general doujin
channels. So, please refrain from using download sales sites primarily oriented for
overseas customers, etc.
Other works (e.g. works of excessive sexual depictions and works that would slander
a particular person, group or race) when we determine that such works are extremely
inappropriate given societal norms.

I'll leave the question of what to do with works released before this update
to the guidelines that may fall astray of one of its provisions up to the
judgment of their creators.

 ※ ここでいうアニメーションとはいわゆる「セルアニメーション」のことで、3Dソフトで作成されたものや、イラストとエフェクトで構成されるようなものは除きます。
* By this I mean so-called "traditional cel animation"; computer-generated 3D
animation and 2D illustrations with special effects processing aren't included
in this restriction.
--- End quote ---
There you have it, from the man himself. If you think your fan work(s), under the guidelines ZUN has established, might require his review, take advantage of the contact form he has provided, or even his Twitter - he tweets a lot, and he seems to respond to people there as well.

Just to make sure all good fairies play nice in Gensokyo, we do have a few rules, though, which are designed to make your experience here fun and engaging.

1. No power level discussions. Period. This means talking about how X could totally beat Y in a fight, or that Z's powers are totally more powerful than A's, and similar pointless bickering that basically equates a peen measuring contest between different Touhou characters. Such discussions will be deleted, and offenders might be probated or banned.

2. Don't ask for nor post download links to games, nor talk about downloading games. This is not a negotiable policy.  Your post will be deleted and your account subject to probation or ban depending on the severity of the instance. The same goes for any copyrighted material, actually. Talking about downloading or having downloaded the games is also strongly discouraged. Feel free to talk about playing, enjoying, hating, procuring, acquiring, ordering, buying or obtaining them instead. Piracy is frowned upon here; don't go there.

3. No one wants to hear about your waifu. Waifu talk ties in with power level talk: pissing contests about whose "girl" is better, and/or creepy discussions about having romantic feelings for fictional video game characters. Please avoid waifu talk; discuss your favorites instead.

4. "Primary"/"Secondary" accusations are stupid. Seriously, we all like touhou to varying degrees here.  Let's not get elitist about it.  Not only is it irrelevant, it's also stupid!

UPDATE, 24 February: Complete rules on piracy can be found here.

5. Game discussion doesn't go here. If you're looking to discuss the games themselves there's three other boards your attention should be brought to.

Help Me, Eirin! - All Touhou game discussion, official or unofficial
Rika's Garage - Danmakufu discussion (cards and games based on DMF like CtC)
Akyu's Arcade - Games that are not Touhou-related

If you post in the wrong forum don't be surprised if your thread is moved or locked.  This is to keep things nice and orderly and to avoid repeat threads.

6. Regarding Images: OK, apparently there's been some confusion with regards to posting images on this site, and as we have a rockin' image thread, let me just lay down a couple easy-to-follow rules for images:

~ No hotlinking/direct image linking. This is for two reasons. Number one, because it steals bandwidth from sites. Number two, because often all you'll end up giving people is a 403 error (as they'll need to visit the site, thereby getting the site's cookies, before being able to see direct images).

~ No images bigger than 640x480 (that's Touhou windowed modo size) nor heavier than 150 KB. This is a site-wide rule. "But I want to share this awesome Remilia wallpaper" you say? Then thumbnail it, and link to the full-size image. Imageshack, for example, provides thumbnailing in a very self-explanatory way, but Tinypic, Photobucket, and other sites can also be used.

~ If you are linking to something NSFW, label it as such. What's NSFW? Err on the side of caution - if you think it might be NSFW, go ahead and call it that. No one will get mad at you for labelling a tame image as NSFW. Failing to label a NSFW pic as such, however, makes baby tengus cry.

~ Regarding Danbooru - due to the ads, the site is NSFW. Warn when you are linking to Danbooru. Furthermore, Danbooru will not allow you to link directly to an image (e.g., sdkjds84t4kjfls849sjdk489f.jpg) - you can see it, of course, because you've been to the page where the image is. No one else will be able to see your image. Link to the Danbooru page itself.

We all love sharing illustrations of our favorite Gensokyans, but please stick to these rules when posting images.

PS: Helpful Danbooru tip: You don't need to copy the entire URL - only up to and including the numbers after /show/. For example: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/670619/2girls-animal_ears-black_hair-camera-geta-hakurei_ can be posted as http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/670619 and the link will still work.

That's pretty much it as far as rules go. Respect other posters, don't be shy about participating, and remember - the staff is here to accept your ideas, criticisms and suggestions. PM them any time. Thanks!

Other Important Information/Links About Touhou That You May Find Useful:

General Information

* Team Shanghai Alice Official Site: http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/
ZUN's official page for all of the Touhou games.  Has patches and demo downloads.
* Twilight Frontier Official Site: http://www.tasofro.net/
Makers of the Touhou fighting games, Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
* Touhou Wiki: http://www.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki
General information about the games, a database music CDs, doujins for reading, replays etc.  The best English Touhou resource.
* Wikipedia Page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touhou_Project
The Touhou Wikipedia page!
* IaMP Wiki: http://iamp.mizuumi.net/index.php/Main_Page
In-depth info about Immaterial and Missing Power.
* SWR Wiki: http://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Main_Page
In-depth info about Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku (Touhou 12.3).
Dedicated Fansites

* THWiki: http://thwiki.info/
Japanese Touhou wiki with quite a bit of information and links.
* Replays: http://score.royalflare.net/
Japanese replay site.
* Walfas: http://walfas.org/
Touhou comedy site featuring various flash videos by KirbyM.

* Worksafe (most of the time) Imageboard: [NOW DEFUNCT. rest in peace, Pooshlmer]
Spam your silly Touhou pictures and doujins here.
* Coolier: http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~coolier2/
Japanese Touhou imageboard with oekaki and such.
Buy Stuff

* Paletweb: http://www.paletweb.com/
Probably the best place to buy Touhou games from.
* Himeya: http://www.himeyashop.com/
Another good place to purchase Touhou games.
* White Canvas: http://www.w-canvas.com/ and http://whitecanvas2000.cart.fc2.com/
Yet another good place to purchase Touhou games.

* #shrinemaiden @ irc.ppirc.net
The most popular English Touhou IRC channel.  Based on this site.
* #touhou @ irc.rizon.net
Nobody ever, ever talks in here.  Only bother with idling in here if you're already on Rizon. :V
* #iamp @ irc.mizuumi.net
Channel for IaMP matches, discussion, and such.

* ZUN's blog - http://kourindou.exblog.jp/
Mostly beer, mini-Coopers, and more beer.  But sometimes he posts about Touhou.
* IOSYS Homepage - http://www.iosysos.com
IOSYS made the dumb Touhou flashes that get paraded around 4chan.
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