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Need Help about where to buy Doujin Music Albums
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well, this is my first post here since 2015... hi again everyone..?

i need help about something important to me:
basically, i've had for years a Huge collection of Touhou Doujin Albums in my library, that back then i just downloaded from various places, mostly back between 2013 (when i found out about touhou) and 2015.
i do try to always buy any music i have whenever possible, really, but i was still relatively new to buying music, and to properly researching things around the internet, and was used to the convenience of downloads from digital stores rather than physical albums, and it was hard to find them, almost none of them where on sites that whould ship internationally... although i always kind of had the intention of buying them eventually, i just kept delaying it and putting it off and off...

well now, i want to finally come clean and properly buy and give support to all the awesome and very talented artists from over 40 different circles, that have made some of my favorite songs ever that's i've been listening over and over for all those years since! so over the past 2 weeks, i've been on a strange quest all over the internet to find those albums, and it turns out, of course, most of them are outright out of stock for years in any store that i know about... if only i'd thought about that back then! i didn't knew any better, i'm not used to Doujin Music and i didn't think entire albums commonly became outrigt unbuyable if you wait too long... i know buying them is obviously what i should have been doing from the start, but i really want to at least do the right thing now! i've only found about half of them so far...

i know about, and have checked the following sites:
-Melon Books
-Tora no Hana
-Akiba Hobby
-Tano C Store
-Diverse Direct
-the official sites of the relevant circles

what others are there that could be selling Touhou doujin music? (physical preferred, but download is OK if no other option)
ESPECIALLY stores that have a chance of having old albums (like, before 2010) or albums from circles that since disbanded, that are out of stock elsewhere? any help is very immensely appreciated! really!

not interested in buying them second-hand/used from ebay or amazon.jp because then no money whould actually go to the artists anyway...
i currently am in the process of getting a Tenso (proxy shipping) account so stores that don't ship internationally aren't a problem.
by the way on that, has anyone here used Tenso before? how are they? i've read on their site that apparently they do open your packages before forwarding them for "checking"...?

as a last ditch resort, if i just can't find it anywhere, i thought about subscribing to that circle's Fantia (basically Japanese Patreon) for an amount of time that correspond to the album's cost, and at least support them and "buy" it that way... but virtually none of them seem to have an account there surprisingly... is there another such site or similar that most doujin circles use for crowdfunding? out of curiosity, is crowdfunding maybe concidered bad etiquette in the doujin community?
You've got a pretty comprehensive list there as far as consignment shops go. The only ones I can add off the top of my head is http://alice-books.com/ and https://bookmate-net.com/ but they won't have older stuff. White Canvas and D-Stage were the best source of old releases (though both had a reputation for not paying out) but they're both kaput.

Crowdfunding isn't very common when it comes to fanwork for a number of reasons but I've seen them for Polyphonix and Yuuhei Satellite events.

(and I could help out more if I weren't currently trying to handle the mountain of Comiket requests)
You could post the circles you're interested in, maybe someone would be able to hunt some down. But for old defunct circles the chances are slim. Most only sell for a limited time.

Probably best to focus on the current circles, before they move on. I'm sure you could find some worth throwing money at. ;)
oh yeah this is planned don't worry, there's a bunch more recent ones i want too, i just want to at least as much as possible wipe my slate clean before getting to those.

no worries Forza i remember back in like 2014 i already bought stuff trough you back then, it's amazing you're still doing this! i'll check those 2 shoops as well, thanks!

by the way, is this new or used/2nd hand?
it looks new but one of the green tags near the top says "通常商品" which google translates to "usually goods" on the site and to "normal product" if i paste it directly in google translate, i'm confused.

what's the common kana/kanji spellings for "used/2nd hand" or equivalant on japanese shops? so i can recognize it if i see it in other shops?
Yes, that's the "regular edition" as opposed to one with purchase bonuses or whatever. Melon has enough pull to ask for that kind of thing so they differentiate between the two.

Used merch is often described as 中古品 or just 中古
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