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Posting Do's and Don'ts (Updated May 4th, 2011)
« on: April 21, 2009, 06:11:26 AM »
READ THE RULES, they are very much in-force here!

  • Read the general FAQ and use the search function to see if your question is answered
  • Make sure you try running the games in Japanese locale (Applocale or non-Unicode setting) and in Windows 98 compatibility mode.
  • Make sure you post what operating system you're running and what hardware you have.
  • Be polite, concise, and very descriptive, giving as many details as possible when asking for help.  The more information, the better!
  • If your issue has been resolved, edit the title of your thread to end with [SOLVED] so that other's may find your fix!
  • Please be patient with the troubleshooting process!  Not everyone might have experienced your specific issue yet.

  • Ask for support about or discuss pirated downloads, or point to links to pirated downloads.  This is grounds for instant probation/banning.
  • Abuse responders or the Tech Support forum, like leading people in circles or posting the same thread multiple times.
  • Post sarcastic, abusive, overly edgy or pointless posts or threads.
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[22:40:12] <Drake> "guys i donwloaded esod but its not workan"
[22:40:21] <Drake> REPORTED
[22:40:25] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> PROBATED
[22:40:30] <Drake> ORGASM
[22:40:32] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> FUCK YEAH

[22:28:39] <Edible> Mafia would be a much easier game if we were playing "spot the asshole"