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Re: Greater Centenary Festival - Heavenly Cross/VII
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Hello readers! Hope all of you are having a decent day!

I am afraid to announce that this currently running story will be cancelled, due to certain circumstances.

Which, however, can all be summarized in a simple one: the parser lost interest and pretty much has became a hassle to continue running this. Not to say I didn't enjoyed all of it that was before this state, and I wholeheartedly thank everyone who played and had a good time with it while it lasted. I enjoyed those times as well, but I don't want to continue something that I am not enjoying anymore.

I would normally start a Q&A like any Quest... buuut, truth be told, there are elements in it (seen and still yet to be seen) that I might pretty much use for anything in the future, but mostly elements that were not clear yet. Though, if anything else will be created by my hand, it still has to be seen.

If this Quest's story is retaken at some point in the future, I hope I could make the remake worth of such and being better than its predecessor.

Once again, I am deeply sorry for this.

Please do have a wonderful day/night <3