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What do your friends/family think of your love for Touhou ?
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Saw a similar topic on a french Touhou forum, so, why not !

Family side, everything seems to be okay. My father likes gaming so he totally understands my passion for Touhou ! I Even if he doesn't like the gameplay (bullet hells are not really his thing), he enjoys the soundtracks and the characters. He also finds the story "poetic" *-* My cousin tried EoSD and found the danmaku "beautiful" !  I made her listen to some remixes and she really enjoyed it too. The others family members either don't know about my passion, either don't care about it  :D

At school, other students seem very curious about it, one day I was wearing a Touhou T-shirt, and a girl came and asked me "Where is this character(Reimu)  from ? She looks so badass !"  :D Anime is actually quite popular iny my country, so it doesn't shock people when they see me reading doujinshis, or my pencil case covered by pins x) Some of them even occasionally play Touhou or listen to Touhou music, even if I haven't found anyone as hardcore as me, lol.

Friends side, well, they are all understanding ! Two of them actually know and like the series :) My others friends show little interest in Touhou, they just know that I'm a fan, and it doesn't shock them (most of them are weebs haha)

What about you ?
I'm known to love Touhou but I keep the less normal levels of love for it a secret from everybody but my little brother.

My mum knows smeg all about touhou - just that I like it. She has trouble separating it from Vocaloid

My little brother's dad knows I like it and encourages me to enjoy it like anything else. He tried to get me into other shoot em ups and gets me to try things like touhou. I do enjoy those things (especially when I can play them with other people) but he didn't find any danmaku games I liked quite as much as Touhou.

My little brother is critical of my love for touhou but does enjoy the fangames I've given him. His favourite touhou game is Hisoutensoku and does enjoy Touhou with me but he doesn't really care about it and just thinks I'm slightly weird. We bond much more over vocaloid but we can talk about touhou to a point.

I'm well known amongst my friends for being the person who loves Touhou. This mostly manifests in knowledge about Japanese mythology and our lengthy discussions about stories of old. One of my friends once drew me a picture of Alice Margatroid for my birthday - which I loved. However, none of them are in to Touhou in any way. The friend who made the Alice picture demonstrated this once by trying to perfect the picture but making it less touhou (replacing a lazer in the background with a moon) which I didn't have the heart to tell him made the picture worse. One of my other friends heard a touhou arrangement once and loved it so I gave him more songs. I think it's just a side thing though - he loved them but it didn't get him into touhou. My anime loving friend isn't into Touhou either but knows of it enough for us to talk about it's game mechanics. Touhou has given me a reputation of being good at shoot em up games (which was proved when I played Jamestown for the first time) but other than that - nobody knows enough about it to really develop an opinion of my love on it. It is just "weeb trash" (which is a term we all use ironically considering we all like anime and anime related things) to most of them.

While I've revealed that my love of touhou goes far deeper (to quite frankly insane levels) on here, I don't mention Touhou when I tell those things to friends. My friends only really knew that I had plans to go to japan and die searching for a black listed site that I intended to live in. One person once guessed that it may be Gensokyo that I wanted to go to but I didn't confirm it and he doesn't seem to have spread it. Even the religious part of it is accepting in their eyes. Mentioning that I worship "Hecate" doesn't turn any heads but I suspect that saying I worship "Hecatia Lapislazuli" probably will. Even my worship of Yukari and Doremy is simply referred to as "Worshiping some demons" and that's just fine to everybody - even my devout Christian friend doesn't bat an eye considering that to him all my gods are demons to him except the one that is also his.
Pretty much none of my physical friends, or at least the ones I had still in school, cared. Some would be grasped for a while by something Touhou related, but forgot eventually.

Most of family just thinks of it as another game I play/anime I watch. No comments about the characters or content or anything.
Only notable things are really:
Younger cousin that pretty much idolizes me most of the time acknowledges that it's a series that I like, and tries to point out characters and music he recognizes.
An older cousin that shows interest in it, like thinking the characters are cute or such.
Older brother has given me a few Touhou related things.
Hello Purvis:
Let's see.

As far as family goes, only my sister knows. She doesn't care. As for the rest, well, they are not online peoples at all, nor into video games or anything like that. So there's just no common ground to even begin to talk about it.

As for friends...most do to an extent? But there's my older friends that I don't talk about it much to, because frankly it's not their thing. And there's my newer friends (yalls) who I do talk to about it. Older friends generally know to ask me things, and some have dabbled themselves (such as my hipster friend, whom I ended up sending PCB in order to test to see if he'd front on it. He kinda did.)
My mother knows little about Touhou, but enjoys the music and aesthetics when I do show it off. Occasionally, when trying to relax or fall asleep, she requests the Perfect Cherry Blossom soundtrack or some piano/violin arrangements (TAM or Marasy mostly).

My father gets irked every time I whistle a Touhou tune.

My loved one is well aware of the series' existence, knows some music, I've also shown her several games, introduced some characters and plenty of memes. She gave me multiple Touhou related drawings of her own and other gifts, which I cherish deeply.

Friends? They're almost all from here, so they know by default. I've never been able to get any "outsider" into Touhou and have stopped trying long ago. Plus I'm a recluse, which doesn't exactly help. Clearly, none of the above mind that I'm interested in some silly Japanese thing, but they're not crazy about it either.
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