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Witnesses in Incident Recollection: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
« on: November 10, 2017, 09:50:09 AM »
Boredom made me consider trying to make something. I went through with it for a bit, just for something experimental. Like or hate it for whatever reasons you want, it's really experimental after all.

The sky died today.
Or at least, it was dying. We're sure something like this has been said before, but to actually witness it... It's blood soaked itself, passing over our heads as chills turned our wonder into dread. It's usual, sometimes discouraging blue, slowly being tainted as the wound worsened. The nice, cool air was laced with helplessness as we all looked on to the victim. Someone with strong enough motives and an ill will was the enemy every one confirmed, yet no one acted. None of us could really do anything against it now anyways. It's what we thought, at least...

Our lake wouldn't lose like that!
The sky was flaming fiercely, like, like a fire. But she stayed cool and collected. Weirdoes waltz through the sky with worry, and fairies flocked up there to falter them. She must've been so proud, dazzling when we drove them out and glistening when they were completely gone. We were all goanna get our own medals from her today, but those all must've sunk...

The gate can't fall at a time like this.
The lake introduced us to fear. Reintroduced, actually. It happens a lot... We couldn't believe what happened here. Well, not entirely. We did see it... The beauty of it all as a duo approached from the water to do battle. They didn't really approach from the water. It was the air... We saw that they tried their best, but, for the mansion gate to be surpassed by humans was unexpected. Aside from her. All the time...

The bookworm.
Yes, we saw them, from the gate, for the bookworm. When we told, it didn't really seem to move the bookworm. Rather than wiggle in anticipation, all that was done was hibernate, by the bookworm. They got in of course, but that's when we heard the bookworm. Flairs of magic and mystics sparked through this fantasy library of the bookworm. Spell after spell after another text based spell, we remember why that name fit the bookworm. But even so, they defeated the bookworm. They were professionals, one man armies, and all we had was the bookworm.

Aside from time.
The bookworm tried. She was helpless against those humans today. No one introduced them to an enemy like the one here though. Time was unexpected. They falter with worry... Of course. Fantasy in their heads as usual. Another defeated victim of the mansion...
Or... Not. Unexpected... What strong will... The beauty of their waltz drove them completely through. Time will remember this wound... And it's own helplessness...


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Re: Witnesses in Incident Recollection: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2017, 10:18:16 AM »
For being made from boredom, and (I think) your first time that we witness you doing one of these, it ultimately came out decently nice. I expect to read more.
Continue, continue~


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Re: Witnesses in Incident Recollection: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2018, 09:10:37 AM »
The mistress and the intruder met above the mansion. Things were tense... The air was cold and the sky was dark. Some were afraid that the mistress could be done in here... Others, that the tables had to turn by now... No one knew the outcome, and fears rose, until lights began to form above. The brilliant lights of magic raced between those up there as they danced around each other. There weren't as many fears. Less and less so as they performed, even. Everyone was... confused. The mistress was enjoying her time, rushing with beauty alongside her attacks against the intruder. It soon became exciting. Cares for who won in the end were drowned out by the exhilaration felt, as well as the elegance of the duel. As the climax drew near, voices roared silently within everyone, wanting to cheer, but incapable of interrupting such a display. The finale came and went with only the sounds of the participants. All gradually remembered the cold and darkness. The voiceless stayed voiceless, and they couldn't tell what each other were feeling anymore. The battle was over. But, was this really a battle?


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Re: Witnesses in Incident Recollection: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
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The mansion was in a panic. A localized storm shrouded it, inside and out. The intruder returned, ready to face more magical girls. Things were different this time around. There were only lunatics. Perhaps the earlier display changed something in everyone. Perhaps it was a sort of sickness, or wellness. Though, it was definitely the locked girl. She didn't want to be left out any longer. It was unfair, it was unjust. She caused a commotion in hopes of being noticed and given the chance to change things. Though no battle occurred, the attempt failed. It was a nice attempt, and she felt something new that she hadn't before. But, she was still left out. She was still locked. She was still forgotten...