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Policy Change Regarding NSFW Fanworks
« on: April 21, 2009, 06:09:30 AM »
This decision comes rather late, since this has been going on for months, but we've decided we would rather not have excessively NSFW fiction posted on this forum. Please post it on your own blog, adultfanfiction, or somewhere like that. It's okay to link it, of course (see the general forum rules, we consider this to be covered by rule #1) but from now on we would like to keep the site superficially clean for the webhost's peace of mind, potential future advertisers if I start running low on cash, etc.

Don't sweat too much over the definition of NSFW; if your writing is the kind of stuff we no longer want here, you are probably well aware of it. Minor transgressions are okay, just no overt pornography.

If your topic disappeared and you didn't keep a local backup of your story, but want it back for archival purposes, PM an admin - we can grant you access to the hidden subforum where it was moved, if necessary. No voyeurs please.
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