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Old topic here.
This is Guilty Alice!
Get a theme, submit your art, vote on the best. Win, and you get to choose the next theme!
It's a simple game to get the Art Atelier community to do stuff together. Come join us!Rules:

* One entry per person.
* Revisions and resubmissions are OK, as long as it's before the deadline. Make sure it's clear to others that you've made a change.
* You do not have to be an entrant to vote!
* No voting for yourself.
* You can change your vote, as long as it's before the deadline.Deadlines:

* By default, a round lasts 2 weeks.
* That being said, please don't hesitate to ask for an extension. They happen all the time.
* You may also feel free to turn in a late submission. But honestly, just ask for an extension :V
* Voting lasts 3 days.
* Theme selection lasts 3 days.
* Deadlines end 23:59 of the given date, in PST. Technically. The next phase of a round won't begin until later the next day, so you have leeway.
* In general, GA's schedule is pretty lenient.
* GA will pause between rounds if another AAA event is taking place.Voting system:

* You have a max of 3 points you can give out - at most two to one entry, and one for another (+2 +1).
You cannot split all three points between three entries (+1 +1 +1), or give all three points to one entry.
You may omit points voluntarily, like if you're tied (+1 +1) or you think only one person did a worthy job (+2 +0).
* Format looks like this:
--- Quote ---+2 FirstPlaceEntrantHere
+1 SecondPlaceHere
--- End quote ---

* Please keep your vote bolded and easily distinguishable.Results:

* If the winner was also the previous round's winner, or if the winner doesn't choose a theme before the deadline, theme selection goes to 2nd place.
* In a tie, the winner with the least amount of previous wins gets theme selection.Guidelines:

* Keep themes Touhou-related, and open to interpretation. Although technical skills are always important, themes should stress creativity over this.
* Don't avoid voting for the winner of the last round just because he/she won last time. If they deserve your vote, they deserve it!
* Avoid NSFW - gore, overly suggestive, etc.
* If you can, avoid Photobucket, Imageshack, and Tinypic. They tend to be slow/problematic. Imgur, Puush, and Minus are recommended, but not standard.
* This is a community game! Please take the time to comment on others' work! Many entrants come in hoping to get constructive feedback.
* If you won, take some time to see what ideas other people have for themes. You might find some good stuff.
* Feel free to post concerns or suggestions.

R15 - Role Reversal | Winner: Zil
R16 - Robotics | Winner: Freeze-Ex
R17 - Festival | Winner: Sixten
Posting here to keep for updates from the get-go.
omg thanks guys.

I have a couple of ideas for a theme but there's plenty of time so feel free to make suggestions.

--- Quote from: BananaBread on November 07, 2013, 07:25:49 AM ---
* In a tie, the winner with the least amount of previous wins gets theme selection.
--- End quote ---
Do we keep a special table or anything? :V

--- Quote from: Vyrien on November 07, 2013, 11:10:07 AM ---I have a couple of ideas for a theme but there's plenty of time so feel free to make suggestions.

--- End quote ---
I have ideas (again :U)!
1. Mahou Shoujo {xxx} {yyy}. I mean, make 2hus not just magical girls (they are ones already), but mahou shoujo - with appropriate costumes, staffs, love spells, all sorts of kubies and matching opponents.
2. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Gensokyo in 2291, in an attempt to with HARD SCIENCE instead of IT'S MAGIC DWI. E. g. Reimu with a Portable Wormhole Launcher, Ran being a made-of-titan android with human-like youkai-like AI. Something like this.
No, I haven't used Urban Dictionary. :U
I suggest that the OP contain the current theme, so one wouldn't have to sift through a bunch of posts to find it.
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