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PPIrC Trivia is Back!
« on: February 22, 2011, 07:45:13 PM »
If you are a particularly venerable institution within the magical land of PPIrC's #shrinemaiden, you may remember an individual known as Lenna - or his bot, Yuyuko-Saigyougi, which spent the better part of 2005 and 2006 filling the channel with glorious spam. And no, it's not because she had an eating disorder. Yuyuko was the original trivia bot, and had many an answer spammed at her in its time.

Written in mIRC scripting language, though, Yuyuko had her limitations. In early 2007, I started coding a clone of her. Then forgot all about it... for four years, during which Yuyuko vanished and Lenna, although he still lurks in #shrinemaiden, has not been seen to speak in many years. I don't entirely remember what jogged my memory a week or two ago, but regardless, it just took some polishing of the code and the writing of about four hundred questions to prepare the new bot, Akyu, to inherit Yuyuko's legacy.

As you probably already know if you pay attention to #shrinemaiden, #touhou-meido or the IRC quotes thread, she's been in testing in PPIrC's #triviamaiden for a few days. Well, now you are encouraged to mosey on in and start a game of your own. Not a lot of difference, to be honest, but I wanted to toot the horn on the forums. :p

Also, it would be a big help if anyone wants to help write questions. I'm up to about 700 but we're still getting a lot of repeats. You can see the current question database at (please don't use it to memorize or search for answers, that would be totally uncool and I may ban you if you make it too obvious. Just peruse it to see the format and check if your question idea is already there.)

I have plans to compile a general video game question set like Yuyuko once had, so feel free to send questions in that vein my way as well.

Anyway, see you in #triviamaiden!