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Source Code Request for EoSD's English Patch
« on: October 01, 2010, 06:23:28 PM »
Hi, I'm trying to make a translation patch for EoSD into my nation's language.
Since the english patcher for EoSD is under the GNU GPL, I would like to request the source code of the entire thing as it is compiled in
The source code provided on TouHou Wiki is old, incomplete and broken here and there.

I did not learn Python, but should be able to understand and make simple changes to Python code.
I have written my own msgN.dat extractor and packer using PHP.
I did some very dirty and messy modifications to the patch from whatever resources I have to have a working patch but I would like to make things cleaner and easier to go through.
Here are the results:

And since I'm here, might as well ask a little question. Sometimes, my EoSD crashes when starting in windowed mode. The window appears and the music starts playing, but then it is not responding. It starts fine in fullscreen mode but if I go into the options and switch it back to windowed mode, it crashes immediately. I really need it in windowed mode as I am using a dual monitor setup and it is annoying for it to change my resolution everytime I want to test something.
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