Author Topic: Hey Guys! Let's talk about how IRC and Forums are different.  (Read 8478 times)


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Hey Guys! Let's talk about how IRC and Forums are different.
« on: December 12, 2009, 10:25:26 PM »
Letty has backed off for a bit, so I, Benny1, your local Akiha and Wriggle lover, shall address an issue that I think needs to be addressed.

IRC is a wonderful place.  Lines go flying by as fast as other people can type new things, and it's very easy to get into it and start talking about things nobody cares about, and start liveblogging!  This is cool, maybe somebody will be interested in what you say, and otherwise, they're just ignore you.  If you don't do it too much, nobody will care and you can get along with everybody else!

But this doesn't work on forums!  In the end, forums move much much slower than IRC (or at least should) and this needs a different style of posting.

So let's take a bit of a look at what sort of things I'm talking about!

What sort of things might be acceptable on irc and not on forums?
"I just made brownies, they are awesome!"
"I won't be around for a few weeks, I will miss you!"
"I have this odd theory about a touhou character that's way out there and pretty much unreasonable, but I'm going to post it anyways!"
"I just was in a show dancing on stage and it was awesome, I enjoyed myself!"
"Sometimes, I suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of my own insignificance in the universe, do I need Elder Sign?"

What makes this not acceptable on forums?  Because after those first few "miss you" posts or "yay brownies" nothing will happen.

Some things from that list, especially Elder Sign, could totally work on CPMC!  CPMC is much more like IRC than the other forums here.  CPMC is a very close-knit community where different things tend to be acceptable.  This can be seen as very unfair, but in general, people who are more established can get away with things like farewell for a little bit threads, because more people care.  This is the way it is, and it will stay this way.  Also, you can probably get away with more stuff in UGW as well, but I don't know much about UGW, so please, somebody help me out!

I hope that with these guidelines we can help eliminate insignificant posts from our forums!  If you have any sort of a question, please, feel free to ask it, be it a general question or a specific example.  We mods are here to help, so please don't be afraid!  Also, that includes you other mods, if you have a question about this thread, let me know!


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Re: Hey Guys! Let's talk about how IRC and Forums are different.
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2009, 10:46:32 PM »
As the Godmother in charge of UGW, I'll lay down some guidelines too.

Unlimited Game Works is a section for forum games. These can be role-play, text adventures, relay playthroughs, basically anything that brings people together on the forums to participate together in a game of some sort.

Sometimes a game that could be played on IRC is played in UGW. The slower pace of the forum medium serves to accommodate players with different time zones and activity hours.

What Benny means by that you could get some leeway in UGW is that in-game events allow for some deviant posting. Though this does not give you permission to disregard the code of conduct. The forum rules are applicable everywhere and the important thing to remember in UGW is that you are playing a game. What happens in the context of a game stays there. Of course, if the context of a game would break a forum conducts rule, you're going to have to take your game elsewhere.

Inappropriate posting such as untagged NSFW material (be it text or images) and game-ruining will get you Lynched, that is, banned from UGW. I encourage reporting of such posts if they appear.

Be polite and play nicely then we can all have fun in UGW.