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Let's get back on topic.

Anyway, I love the game does boss fights. I don't know what it is about it, but the whole "wait for the perfect chance to strike" thing is interesting to me. Although, that may be because I had a similar idea some time ago but never figured out how to implement it (and now I have some inspiration)

What bothers me the most on the bosses is that they barely get any beefed up at all from easy to lunatic. Maybe another bullet here, a few more over there slightly bit more damage, but some cases are ridiculous.

Also, I think the recovering rate for ambushing partners might be just a bit too high. And I really consider amushing more usefull than following: I keep doing upwards attacks followed by an air combo that throws the enemies at the second character ambushing over half a screen away. Works wonders and killed Mokou and Kaguya in one combo on normal for many of their spellcards, not to mention I get full life in the mean time, if I ever lost any that is.

Btw, how do I make a spellcard become more powerfull? I somehow managed to use a stronger version of Patchouli's water spellcard right after finishing a previous regular one. I was hoping to launch a screen wiping Final Spark if possible...

PS: Komachi's assist mini-battle to kick shikieki's off guard really reminds me a lot of the megaman zero style... I really think that's just me...


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Re: Mystical Chain
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not sure about the spellcard thing but i think you get patchy's full powered spellcard if you have full three gauges.