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Apparently, my stage 3 lunatic spells don't look like the ones in Kefit's video. the first nonspell is incredibly random, as opposed to chains of bullets. The first main boss spell is a million times easier because the gap available for moving is as wide as the normal version of the card. The last nonspell is incredibly hard and possibly broken because the bullets that come from the sides sweeps across the entire width of the stage.

I think I may have a defective .dat file or whatever file contains this data. Can I get this confirmed or have someone upload the correct file?
First... non-spell? Isn't that technically the lasers? Or are you excluding midboss?

I think you would be excluding the midboss. Much like most patterns, the first non-spell is pseudo-aimed. It is all dependent on the position of Yuugi only. Breaking the... familiars (?) will reduce the oncoming bullets, particularly the ones to the side.

1st spell card is easy. As usual.

Last non-spell is crazy if not done properly. I'm still experimenting, but I've managed to time it out after 1 mistake (at Hard Mode). Lunatic's version is the same, but more dense (and faster bullets). Streaming the pattern improperly will form walls.
Look at the video's description.  The video of SA stage 3 that Kefit has on youtube is the demo version.  In the demo, Yugi's bossfight was exceptionally harder than it is now, and was toned down for the full game's release.  This includes a few of her noncards being made easier, and her first card going from a ridiculously bullshit hard attack to the pathetic speedbump that it is now.  Isn't it sad Yuugi? ;_;
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