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I'm trying to rape the last words in IN with speedhax
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Reimu's hitbox is very nice, but she's too slow to squeeze through quick gaps. Marisa's a nice speed, but her hitbox is fat and isn't as visible as Reimu while unfocused.

what should I do
Use Youmu.
I'm not jesus.

Agh, most of them it doesn't seem like you can do much with, anyways.
Hack the game to create a Reimu/Marisa team?

Use Remilia?
The Last Words I've unlocked are really boring and impossible to have fun with. Except for Unseasonable Butterfly Storm, but I can't see anything and thus die.

But bleh.

I can't find anything fun to do :(

EDIT: I tried to Pacifist PCB Extra but I failed at Tanuki Laser and now I'm bored.
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