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Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
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I've been watching the single segment run off and on, made it past the Remilia + Sakuya fight so far. I get the impression that it might be faster/more consistent to blitz battles with fast setups and return to Gensokyo / repeat instead of trying to aim for consecutive bonuses, mainly in the grind segments where battles are more difficult. Otherwise I don't have any comments about optimizing the run more. This stuff is cool, but not my area of expertise at all, and not something I would personally try to do. Hopefully there are others that would be more helpful toward discussing the run.


Another update on Labyrinth of Touhou 3, main equipment page.

Main equipment appears to be personalized as well, along with having an upgrade tree. The equipment shown, something like "Protective Charm", grants a skill "Fire Element Damage Increase Lv 3", along with various stat boosts typical of main equipment. Reimu's affinities are also all changed except for Mystic and Dark, most notably is Physical is now 90 instead of 110. Status resistances also seem to be totally overhauled, Reimu has 100+ for all status effects. Seems Reimu's base MP really is 80 too, so MP appears to have been overhauled after all. One of her sub equipment items is "Life Fragment+10", either that's the actual name of the equipment or there's an upgrade system for sub equipment as well. There's also a +4 added to her Attack stat's name, unclear why that is.
Considering the state of this iteration of the forum and it's impending end, I've archived the first post of this thread and all the links, including reups of all the files that were hosted on this site. Hopefully should work, would appreciate if someone else can check that it's all functioning too.
EDIT: This doc now includes full HTML copies of every thread here.

Also if someone can consolidate the LoT2 Eng patch progress into one handy dandy zip file (maybe with alternate versions available too for Base/Plus) that would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to add it in. Admittedly it's not a thread that's been easy for me to parse, else I'd do it myself.

I am available to be contacted on Discord at om the nom#3956
Maybe we should make a Discord server for LoT? It'd be nice to still have a place to discuss it.
I would be pretty keen to join that kind of server

Reminder that there is a channel for Labyrinth of Touhou in Karisa's Discord server.
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