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Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
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I messed up the developers, indeed is 3peso :p
So sad about Youmu, i really like the character, but it is so hard to fit her in the party.  Wished to see more game on Alice too, but she is far for the sad state that youmu is right now. Seems like i will keep 3d scoping.
Alice is pretty good as long as you're willing to use Marisa. Hourai Doll gets a big boost from Row Atk Enhancement on Sorc, and she's got good variety in her attack set, regen+evasion, defense piercing, etc. Not one of the incredible-tier characters but pretty solid.
is reimu as a monk with the concentration buff as good as i think she is

ive been using her as one of my main damage dealers ever since i unlocked her and she has done her role exceedingly well. I got past the remilia and sakuya fight pretty easily just because she was able to kill remilia from above half health with a charged fantasy seal. Plus she can heal and support like a motherfucker still too, and the constant concentrating means she almost never runs out of mana.
Concentration Reimu is pretty OK. The main plus is that a lot of stuff is weak to spirit, where she comes in majorly handy- I had just been enjoying secondhand Fantasy Seal off Satori for that fight. And she's not even dead weight on spirit-resistant enemies since you just swap to defensive levelups and use her support. The build actually gets even better in Plus Disk with the base stat increases, her damage-friendly awakening, and the way endgame scaling works.
is there any sort of general consensus on which characters are the best/worst? i've been trying to use just about everyone, but It'd be nice to have some fallback, overpowered characters in case I get stuck on a boss (or at least, which ones to avoid using)

also the second battle theme is fucking sick, is there a new one for the plus disk floors?
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