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Diplomacy: The Start of a New War
« on: February 28, 2017, 01:41:17 AM »
Going to be starting a Diplomacy game, can't wait to see all the blood shed. I hope you maggots provide me with enough entertainment.

Game will be using the standard Diplomacy rules. Program used is Jdip for those who want to try using it.


1.) Win condition: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE: There will be no allied victory allowed, one country must control 18 supply centers, or all living players must surrender to one player.  If anyone tries to get around this by simply refusing to send in orders all parties involved will simply be modkilled and the 3rd (or 4th/whatever if the alliance has three/whatever members) will win instead.

2.) Send in your orders on time:  Moving phases will be 72 hours, retreat phases 24 and build phases 24.  If you have no sent in your orders 12 hours before the deadline I'll prod you to make sure you didn't forget.  From there, you have 12 from the time of the prod to send them in; meaning if the deadline was originally at 8 PM, but I didn't prod you until 11 AM then your orders wouldn't be due until 11 PM.  You will ALWAYS have 12 hours from the time of my prod to send in orders.  After that, if it's the move phase my extensions will work like this:
First time sending them in late: You have 24 hours additional to send in your orders
Second time sending them in late: You have 12 additional hours to send in your orders
Third time sending them in late: You have 6 additional hours to send in your orders
Fourth time sending them in late: I'm sick of waiting on you, your orders are now hold orders and if you send them in late again they will be hold orders then too
No extensions will be granted for retreat or build phases, though I will still prod you 6 hours before the deadline, and you will have 6 hours from the time of my prod to get them in.  If you don't send them in then I will assume you want any dislodged units to be disbanded and that you don't want to build anything and that you want your units disbanded by RNG.  The deadline isn't until I start updating, so any changes can be made before then, and your orders won't be considered late until then.  If everyone sends in their orders early I will update at the soonest possible opportunity.  Any orders send to me after I start updating will be ignored.

3.) PM me your orders: Preferably with a title like Diplomacy: <season> <year> Orders. You can make orders in the thread, but PM takes priority over those.

4.) Be nice, have fun, etc.: If someone's being a jerk PM me with relevant logs and I'll deal with it.  Be sure to let me know of any circumstances that prevent you from playing the game and I'll try to work around them.

Sign up in this thread. Countries are first come first serve

Map with names
More in depth introduction
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Re: Diplomacy: The Start of a New War
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Hmm... not really my style... sorry PX.