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Langrisser Campaign
« on: November 28, 2016, 12:14:13 AM »
If you know that Langrisser is you probably already know that I am trying to recruit people for playing a board version of it. I would need at least some players that are willing to take time on roll20 for the battle sessions for this game.

>How will this game play?  One part of it plays the same as any play-by-post Quest/Adventure games. The other one will be battles in roll20.

>What do I do to play? You can create a character by filling the anwsers for the quiz below. Optionally you can just post stuff for filling once the game will start.

>When will the game start? That depends if I will get players at all, players that are willing to meet up at certain times on roll20. I'm sure we can talk about time once we get there.

>Do I get to name my character, do bio and stuff? Naming only would be preferable because I need to make enough room for the characters to have anything to do with the story. I have the story already in mind, though I will basically tell players what is their character occupation, connections to other characters and what they are doing for the plot. Any other details you will be freely able to fluff in.

>What are the rules of the board game? I will reveal them when I get players. Answering quiz questions is enough for now.

1a)The scenery that is most nostalgic to me... 
A>Green endless plains.
B>Snow covered mountains.
C>Lush mysterious forest.
D>Rippling waves of the coast.
1b)The second most scenery that is nostalgic to me... (Can't pick the same answer as in 1a)
A>Green endless plains.
B>Snow covered mountains.
C>Lush mysterious forest.
D>Rippling waves of the coast.
2)I keep contact with other people because...
A>I value friends the most. (Go to 2a)
B>There are things I can't do. (Go to 2b)
C>Variety is the spice of life. (Go to 2c)
D>I rather have less enemies than allies. (Go to 2d)
2a)What brings me happiness is...
A>Happiness of others.
B>Meeting other people.
C>That people can change.
2b)What is the most important strength that allows you to be successful on the battlefield?
2c)Which fruit would you rather eat?
A>An apple
B>A pomegranate
C>A berry
2d)Ideals are born from...
C>Empathy for other.
D>Understanding the laws.
3)If you were able to turn into an animal...
4)What utensil you value the most?
5a)How do you fight with depression?
A>I challenge it.
B>It's unavoidable, I lessen the effects that causes it.
C>It Doesn't concern me. (Go to 5b)
D>At that time I try to learn more about myself.
5b)Which of the following is the most formidable?
6a)Which of these school clubs would you rather join?
A>Gardening club.
B>Smithing club.
C>Sports club.
D>Pottery club.
E>Apothecary club.
F>Drama club.
G>I'm not interested. (Go to 6b)
6b)Then what are your hobbies?
C>Arm wrestling.
D>Skipping school.
7)What would you do in order to make the world a better place for those in need?
A>The power is within those with action. I will only point my hand but its up to them if they follow.
B>Everyone is equal, I leave others to themselves.
C>I follow chivalry, my goal is to protect the weak.
D>I pity those in need, I want to ease their pain.

8)What is the number one thing you would like to leave for future generations?
B>Sense of belonging.
9)When do you think it is necessary to change your ways, yourself?
A>I'm always learning, always adapting.
B>Day by day life suits me, if I change I don't even notice it.
C>Only on rare occasions.
10)Lastly, if you were able to make a wish, what would you wish for?
A>To live with others.
B>To crave my own path.
C>To become independent.
D>To find a different place to live in.
E>To be invincible.
F>To see ahead of myself.