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Patche Con Wars Translation
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Download the patch(patch version 0.1):
* PatcheConWars1.1.0 Eng Patch (20962.27 kB - downloaded 51 times.)

This english translation patch is for version 1.1.0 of PatcheConWars.
Patche Con Wars is a turn based strategy game that seems to be based on the advance wars game series.

This patch needs the beat patcher, which you can download here.

The patch translates:unit stats,shogun info(in character select. I couldn't translate shogun names without crashing the game though),unit names,terrain,some menus, and the first 4 stages of the campaign.

Not everything has been tested, but it seems stable.
You can see some screenshots of the translation here.(screen shots are a bit outdated)

If you're interested in the game but don't have it, an online trial version is available here.(no translation)
PatcheConWars Website
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