Author Topic: Looking to translate PC-98 - EVO Search for Eden  (Read 1953 times)

Looking to translate PC-98 - EVO Search for Eden
« on: December 03, 2015, 12:50:42 AM »
Hi all!

New here, been lurking. I'm trying to figure out how to extract and import text from the EVO rom files so I can build a translated version of this game.

I try to edit the files with various programs but have had no luck. Any ideas where I should start??


Re: Looking to translate PC-98 - EVO Search for Eden
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I never tried to translate a PC-98 game, but I know some few things about that, and most of all, I know some people with more knowledge.
First, here is what I know.
PC-98 archive files usually have the hdi extension. Basically, a hdi file is an archive file, a bit like zip files or rar files. Well, it's a disk image and so it works more like an iso file, but zip and rar files are most widely known, that's why I took them as an example. I'll also keep saying "hdi archive" even if that isn't exactly true.
To open a rar archive, you need a program, winrar for example. To open a hdi archive and view / change its files, you need a specific program. The only one I know for that is this... I think it's called editdisk. It seems to be this one:
And, that's quite everything I know. The archive will contain several files, maybe some plaintext files, probably some executable files, and probably some other stuff.

Then, where could you find some more help ?
You can look at the thread announcing the English patches for the PC-98 Touhou games:,13903.0.html . It has a bit of technical stuff related to PC-98.
And you can try to contact the ones who made these English patches, and ask them for help. xJeePx comes here from times to times, maybe he will see your post. You can also try to send him a PM (IIRC you can send PMs after sending 3 messages on the forum). And nmlgc isn't on this forum, but you can contact him on the thcrap IRC (, or on the thcrap gitter (