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Touhou Grail War ~ Fantasia of Reminiscence - General Topic
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Hello! For those of you who happen to be reading this, the below is an introduction and sign-up for a forum game known as the Holy Grail War.

The game itself pits seven teams of two players controlling one master and one servant in a battle to win the Holy Grail a la Fate/Stay. (In my war, this will be two players controlling just a servant from the Touhouverse.) Every team is given their own board on zetaboards ( ) and uses it plan moves, devise strategy with their teammate, ask questions about their characters and sheets and so on.

Wars typically last around 30-40 updates and since updates in this war will occur every other night, that comes out to roughly two to three months of gameplay. While moves don?t require a ton of commitment, depending on your dedication they can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours.  (The game can be very politics-heavy at times, and moves are typically written with lots of conditionals, but you're always free to hammer out straightforward moves if you wish.)

I hope everyone who does decide to join has a good time and I welcome you all to my second grail war - Touhou Grail War ~ Fantasia of Reminiscence!


It is said there is a realm for those banished, an infinite space of nothingness. A place wrapped in an eternal dusk, where the only thing one sees ahead of them is a forever extending barren field, devoid of any life. Here, life and death do not exist, forcing those sealed here to wander forever alone, clinging to a false hope of escape as they slowly descend into madness. To be trapped here is a fate worse than death.
In this place, known as the Abyssal Plane, a lone woman presses forward, or at least what is forward to her. Unlike many others who wander through here, she moves with a purpose, as if she knows which direction leads to an exit. It is not her first time here and there is little doubt in her mind that this will be her last time either, although she certainly wishes otherwise. Occasionally, she stops for a moment and leans thoughtfully against her staff and ponders how to escape this time. For a moment she considers simply waiting until she has enough power to materialize again but quickly discards the idea due to her own sense of urgency. Influencing someone from the outside to summon her back also crosses her mind for a moment before she again reconsiders. The idea in itself isn?t bad to her, but for someone as magnificent and infamous as her, simply controlling someone seems so second-rate.
No, the plan must be convoluted and overly-complicated. That would piss off everyone involved a lot more and send a message to that shrine maiden that she can?t bring down this ghost so easily. (BGM: Mary, the Magician)
 The woman begins walking again, or more accurately, floating, as she continues to consider her options. In reality, there were really only a couple?the same two she was constantly thinking of. Either wait, or manipulate someone. But the former would take far too long for her to get revenge and the latter needed to be spiced up to seriously be considered. Besides, it was unlikely a single person would have the necessary energy to bring her back and if a bunch of people started dying for some ritual summoning, that shrine maiden would notice.
The girl was young, yes, but she was gifted with a strong intuition, perhaps even stronger than her mother?s. Not only that, but she was already strong physically, mentally and spiritually. The woman certainly didn?t expect to be sealed so easily, even if it was the Hakurei Maiden she was dealing with and knew that she needed to challenge her again quickly before she became untouchable to the evil ghost and any others who would threaten Gensokyo. And for that reason?
Something she wouldn?t notice?
As much as she hated to admit it, sacrifice was probably out of the question. Manipulating ordinary humans would also be too dangerous. Most simply didn?t have enough magical energy to be an aid in her plans and using them in mass would again draw the Hakurei girl?s attention. Still, Gensokyo and its surrounding areas were vast and filled with powerful youkai, demons and Gods that the woman could make use of. And while many were quite weak, there were some humans out there that could be of some benefit to her plan. If she could gather just a few of them together and get them to unwittingly ?donate? some of their energy to her?that would be enough.
The next question quickly popped into her mind.
For her, this wasn?t a complicated question of how to pull off such a feat. This was a question of which method to use. Many of the denizens roaming in and around Gensokyo were fairly intelligent, true, but they were particularly easy to manipulate, especially humans and youkai. The promise of some grand prize was enough to sway the former and the promise of entertainment worked for the latter. Honestly, getting a God or two using this method was probably out of the question, but for her needs this was more of an inconvenience more so than anything else.
A prize worth fighting for?
The woman paused for a moment and with a wave of her staff summoned a chair and table. After leaning the staff against the table, she took the lone seat and snapped her fingers, producing a dozen of books in front of her. Another gesture with her hands had the books floating over the table and flipping from cover to cover in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, the books vanished, with a new set taking their place. After doing this for several minutes, the woman dismissed the current set of books and leaned back in her seat.
 For a moment, the woman sat perfectly still, her face emotionless as she processed everything she had just gone through. Truthfully, there were numerous prizes throughout history she could use as bait and would work perfectly fine. But even then, many had their flaws, at least in her eyes. Too obscure, not obscure enough, too obvious, something that already existed in Gensokyo, not valuable enough, too valuable to be believable. It simply needed to be?well, simple and to the point.
A mischievous smirk grew on her face as she extended her hand. With a tap of her staff, a golden chalice formed, grasped tightly in her hand. Encrusted on the outside were a massive number of jewels and engravings fit for a king. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds; the value of such a cup was probably incomparable to most mortals?both on a monetary level and a magical level.
The Holy Grail?

A story almost any human or youkai has heard of, the Holy Grail was not only valued as an expensive drinking cup, but also for its unique ability to grant its owner any wish they deserved. The whole ?any wish? thing was rather vague in the woman?s eyes, but that vagueness was just what she needed to draw people in. It wasn?t like she needed to demonstrate the Grail?s power, she could easily come up with an excuse to hide that what she had was a cheap imitation. Something like ?If I were to show you the power of the Holy Grail, you would have to wait a millennium to harass its power again? would be more than sufficient to silence any human or youkai?s protests, although a God may not have qualms waiting a thousand years. An acceptable risk, though.
Placing the grail on the table, the woman tapped her staff once more on the table, producing a modest number of silver rings on the table. Like the grail, the rings were exquisitely designed, each adorned with a different precious gemstone worth more than an ordinary human could hope to make in their lifetime. Unlike the grail, however, each of the rings gave off a sinister aura of sorts, as if each ring were alive.
?Now, now, settle down. We?ll find you some owners soon enough.?
The woman?s rich alto voice dispelled the aura from the rings immediately, leaving them completely benign to the untrained eye. Seeing them under her control, the woman smiled and uttered a single word.
With that word, the rings shot into the sky and quickly out of the sight of the woman, still smirking. Placing a hand on her chin, she smiled as a bottle of wine appeared and began filling the empty cup still on the table.
Well, I suppose I better get my acting chops ready.
As the bottle finished its task and sat back down, the woman grabbed the chalice and raised it into the air, cackling gleefully.
?Here?s to the return of the great Lady Mima! May this war of mine be filled with blood as red as this wine!?


Touhou Grail War ~ Fantasia of Reminiscence

This game is a work of fiction. All characters and organizations that appear have entered Gensokyo.

Now Loading... (BGM: Reincarnation)

Game Start - Begin an adventure across the lands of Gensokyo

Extra Start - ***LOCKED***

Practice Start - There can be no practice, but just one attempt at victory

Match Mode - Engage in mental combat with friend or foe


Replays - ***LOCKED***

Player Data - ***LOCKED***

Music Room - Listen to your favorite songs from TGW ~ FoR

Music Room:

Options - Gaze upon the landscape of Gensokyo in detail


Manual - Study the laws of the land to conquer your enemies


>Game Start

Now Loading?

Please select a slot type:

1. Avvil (GameFAQs)
2. greengravy294 (GameFAQs)
3. JefferyRaze (GameFAQs)
4. MysteriousStan (GameFAQs)
5. IhatethisCPU (GameFAQs)
6. Super_Archer (GameFAQs)
7. LegendaryLords3 (GameFAQs)
8. Phauxe (GameFAQs)
9. DragonFantasy (GameFAQs)
10. StarfishHeat (GameFAQs)

(You can sign up now, by the way. Just say you wanna join, with any requests if you have them.)
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Re: Touhou Grail War ~ Fantasia of Reminiscence - General Topic
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Well, I must admit this has been a bit disappointing to see...


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Re: Touhou Grail War ~ Fantasia of Reminiscence - General Topic
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Oh. WELL THEN. Yes please. /in. This was a nice thing to see as I accidentally come back to MoTK :V

One question though, your post says "2 players controlling just a servant from Touhouverse", but there are 4 player slots left, and sign-ups total 14. Does that mean each pair of 2 players share control of 1 Servant? Or did you really mean each pair has 1 player being the Master and 1 the Servant?

Edit: Oh welp, just noticed the timestamps. Now I feel uber silly ; v;
Well anyway, I guess I'll just express general interest in any Holy Grail Wars you might do in the future. When the time comes and you need players, just shoot me a PM.
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