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Not sure if this kind of replay is allowed here or should be in HME instead... Anyway, unlike cheaters that try to pass TAS runs as legit, some people actually make good use of these tools by pushing the score beyond human limits and showing the games' true scoring "limit", and most of these runs takes a lot of effort. Some people like me find these runs really cool to watch, some don't, so I'm going to make this list thingy anyway. :V

The tool used is mostly Hourglass, known to be buggy and only work properly under specific conditions, and the savestate feature often causes crash after a few states are loaded. The only other safe way of TASing I know of is using Cheat Engine inside a VM with 3D enabled, so you can savestate safely yet have slowdown feature, but it'd probably take too long between each state load.

Due to limitations in the score counter, pushing the score too far in some games causes minor glitches. Reaching 999,999,990 points in EoSD stops the counter (doesn't happen in Karisa's video thanks to a cheat fix), PCB's spellcard bonus/cherrymax glitches and brings a wrong sprite after 100,000,000 is exceeded, and UFO's score counter "overflows" after 231 (2.147 billion), which can be delayed to 232 (4.29 billion) with Nereid's fix.


Edit by Karisa:
From discussing this with Wriggle, I've concluded it's better to link to Arcorann's TAS wiki page instead of maintaining a list of various notable TASes here. Arcorann's page is both more actively updated, and more thorough.
I have no name:

--- Quote from: Wriggle on March 21, 2013, 04:29:38 AM ---Extra: kopiapoa - SanaeB - 8.73 billion - video

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You mean 873 million.

There's a survival oriented TAS of PCB ultra out there that sort of speedruns it (lots of shotgunning) without ever dying or bombing, though that definitely doesn't fit in here.

--- Quote from: I have no name on March 21, 2013, 04:40:34 AM ---You mean 873 million.
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Oh right, my bad. :V
Arcorann has already been keeping track of these, here. No PCB Extra/Phantasm though.

Notable is that kopiapoa has TASed most of the Extras, but SA onward seem to crash at the end in Hourglass (which explains why the videos appear to be a direct recording rather than a replay). At least I've heard reports of them doing that. I've never used Hourglass myself.

I think Ansa121's latest UFO TAS is still slowdown-only like the previous ones; savestates should allow for much higher graze counts (maybe even a 400,000 maxed point item value) judging by the rest of the TAS replays/videos on Arcorann's page.

Regarding the display glitches, PCB's spell bonus glitches at 100,000,000. And to add to that, the cherry (not cherrymax) value also glitches at 1,000,000 (visible in non-TAS records) if the vsync patch is not used. And UFO's score counter overflows at 231 (2.147 billion), but using either the vsync patch or Nereid's fix will delay this overflow until 232 (4.29 billion).

And EoSD's score actually stops at 999,999,990, not 999,999,999 (yes it's minor but I find it relevant). I don't think this is just a glitch like the others; it seems to be intentional behavior. The later games stop at 9,999,999,990 instead (unconfirmed for StB/DS, confirmed for PCB/IN/PoFV/MoF/SA/UFO/GFW/TD, displayed as 1,410,065,398 in UFO/GFW).
Damn, I didn't know about that page. Well, I grabbed some links from there, plus the actual score of SA Extra one. Thanks for the technical stuff, I fixed/included them.

About Kopiapoa's Extra, I'm not sure, but a possible cause for the crash could be him removing the bgm.dat when making the runs (I'm not fully sure if he removes the actual file or just reduces the bgm volume to 0), maybe because that file causes sync stuff or idk, I'm not experienced with Hourglass stuff (not sure if it's also notable that he uses Win XP, and all my bad experiences with Hourglass could be possibly because I used it in Win 7/8 x64). The crash could be fixed by using the OGG vorbis dlls, but there are even more likely to affect the sync, I don't now.

About PCB Extra/Phantasm, I remember someone adding a somewhat old TASed Extra replay to the High Scores page in Touhouwiki, being shortly afterwards reverted back by KyouriAsh, with him stating it was tool-assisted. I never got to watch it, but it might be still in the Edit History thing. But I gotta sleep now, I will look for it later.
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