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How to upload Touhou videos in HD quality Tutorial
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Once you figure out how everything works it's actually really easy.

Just gonna edit the first post.

--- Quote from: Drake on August 05, 2009, 01:44:20 AM ---Once you figure out how everything works it's actually really easy.

--- End quote ---

Vouched :)

Back in November when I first came across this method from a friend, it felt pretty involved, but most of the hassle comes from just finding and installing the programs. After encoding two or so videos, I pretty much had the very simple process memorized with the sole exception of the code for changing the video size (but hey, we all copy and paste that stuff anyway).

If you have the ability to record Touhou at full size 640x480 without any FPS jumps, then you should really settle for nothing less than an HD upload. It'll be better in the long run.

And if you're too lazy to get VirtualDub for splicing up videos, even something like Windows Movie Maker would be sufficient. (Personally, I like Camtasia).

Edit: Looking through this guide, 3000 bitrate is actually fine. It will enable HD in YouTube. I can't imagine what the filesize would be with a bitrate of 10,000 >_>
I know, I had a 12 second video and it ended up like 100MB or something lol
Well the short version certainly makes it less confusing to us birdbrains. I'll still have to wait though cause i can't really record anything at 60fps with that 2.16ghz processor of mine. (Vista might even make things worse.)
Alice Fact:
of course it never hurts to know the long version, and uh not be such a birdbrain
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