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How to upload Touhou videos in HD quality Tutorial
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--- Quote from: Satorical Komeijist on August 22, 2016, 01:15:43 AM ---I'd also like to add that in OBS Studio, you can record any Touhou gameplay in fullscreen 640x480, 60fps, and modify the settings such that the video resolution automatically outscales to 960x720 as output. This means that you can record any game in 640x480 and still manage to upload it to YouTube as 60fps, due to the output file being rendered in 720p instead of 480p. I personally use window record and select whatever game I am playing whenever I record.

And, on top of that, OBS Studio is completely free and open-source, so there's really no reason not to get it.

--- End quote ---
I second this. I've been using it to record replays, stream, and I even started using it to record a Touhoumon LP and it's outstanding for doing what you want it to do.
Just now found this thread. Needed to learn how to upload my Touhou replays and came across this. Thanks guys, much appreciation!
How do I capture just the window and not using full screen?
If you're using OBS you right-click the Game Capture source, switch to Capture Specific Window if it isn't already, and pick the game on the Window list.
OHHH! NOW I got self-roasted right on the impact word "TRIAL" right there. Not gonna complain about it... *pout*

For a Windows 10 user, that ain't a problem. You never know I play touhou fangames on my YouTube channel, though. *pout*

*flips up and raises a cardboard with a big fat wordly "TRIAL"*

I'd rather mention Kamen Rider Dragonfly from Kamen Rider Kabuto because I'm also a fan of watching K***n Rai*** series, my third most favourite because Touhou is, first of all, my quality experience.
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