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Melty Blood talk and Favorite Char Poll
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oh right.
my bad didn't realize THAT'S what's meant by pirating. just wanted to share the game is all. But wait isn't Act Cadenza supposed to be for PC anyway?
...nah scratch that no need to respond to that i'll take that part out then >,>

.....oh he did it for me
Thanks? haha
Wallachia is currently my main.  I'm kinda bad, but I've learned setups that nobody will ever respect and are difficult to punish, and the moment you start to respect or try to punish it, I go into something else that hurts you too.

V.Akiha is just awesome because I love Akiha and she's FAST.

V.Sion is my longest played character probably, but I'm still learning her.

I wrote a guide to playing Neco Arc and know some actual strategy with her lol.
Changed my worst...Kishima and Satsuki...they are FRICKIN GROUNDERS! they have so little aerial combat and i suck with just their throws and such. i can't stand it XD at least with Wallachia i got a big area of attack. Chaos i can play too somewhat with all the birds, traps and long range attacks he can do but i just DON'T like him >_>

Thankfully she got some pretty good buffs from Final Tuned to AC.

I'd like to use Kouma since I like grapplers but I can't see it working too well in a game where everyone's in the air all the goddamn time. Nero is my backup, most of my game with him just involves jumping in the air and going HOOAAAAAGH a lot though.

As a side note, we'll probably melt some blood after the SWR tournament coming up in the next few weeks.
In MBAC I main Arcueid, since she WAS my favorite character until I watched Kara no Kyoukai, after which she was replaced with Ryougi Shiki. So character-wise it goes like this for my faves in order

Ryougi Shiki
Arcueid Brunestud
Satsuki Yumiduzuduzuduzuka

So far Arcueid is the only one I'm any good with in the game though.

Least favorite character would be Arima Miyako because she needs pants.
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