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Re: Ask a Staffer Ep. 9 - No fishing allowed - Sakana
« Reply #151 on: April 20, 2011, 05:08:12 AM »
So, basically, Nue with the personality of an overly conservative, Catholic, 80-year old elementary school teacher?
This is the TH13 Extra Boss. I feel it in my bones

Could you picture that with a tuna?
Only if the tuna was the instrument used to whack students that don't behave.

Would the tuna spontaneously combust after being around her for any duration of time?
The tuna would burst into flames from the sheer friction with common sense that youkai would create everywhere it goes, so yes.

What the hell am I watching and why is it so amazing
I take it the debate on the channel resulted in that?  :3
You are watching the best thing that the "No plot humorous slice of life"-anime genre has produced in a while.

And with that I shall end this rendition of "Ask a Staffer". Thanks for all the questions, I had quite some fun~
Now I shall pass on the baton to one of our Librarians~

I, for one, will continue business as usual. And that means... mwahahahahaha~

And show off my new glasses in the process :V