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Re: Ask a Staffer Ep. 6 - Purvis
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Sorry boys this thread is over.  I'll let Purvis give one closing statement but no more questions at this time.

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Re: Ask a Staffer Ep. 6 - Purvis
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If you were to go into space, which five touhou would be on your ship's crew?

Kanako and Sanae, for miracles if necessary. Maybe Marisa, since she's already done some time as a cosmonaut (Or atmonaut, given SSiB suggested there wasn't actually space in Gensokyo.), and two of the faerie maids from SSIB because they also have experience, and managed not to break anything despite being stuck in a small room for weeks.

What do you believe to be the best energy source?

The Right Wing spin machine. It can deny physics.

How would you feel if they built a nuclear reactor in your town? Within sight of your home?

I would be wary, not because of the reactor itself but because of Neohio's habit of not properly funding safety aspects and maintenance in pursuit of more profits right now.

What types of food do you enjoy?

Meats, grains, and dairies. Pasta is a favorite; a lot of Americanize Italian things are.

Did I just make a repeated question?

Not this time. You may feel accomplished!

Do you watch much TV? If so, what do you watch? If not, why not?

TV proper? No. It's sort of like going through a forum full of twelve year olds, the really dumb kind. Then there are commercials, which seem to be largely designed to irk me one way or another. In the end, I find Internet much preferable. This said, I do watch some serieses online. I mentioned a few earlier, but thinking on it, I left out It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I also enjoy public TV documentaries, but I seldom go out of my way to watch them. By and large, I pretty much stopped watching TV as a whole in about 2002 at latest. TV exists as a gaming peripheral

Do you wear any hats other than that fedora you mentioned?

I don't usually wear hats, actually. But I do have an ushanka that a friend of mine got for me from China while he was doing missionary work. It is warm and comfortable, and also has a big red star that's perpetually off center.

When did you start using the Internet, and what for?
What is your most valuable possession?
How have your life goals evolved over the years, and what are they now?
If you were forced to move to another country, which would it be?

Imma skip some of these. But I first dabbled in about 1998 in the school computer labs, as I hung out with some computer nerds (One was teaching himself binary) and it looked neat. Of course, like half of it was blocked. Later one, I hung with another friend in 1999 or so, and he got me into the funner aspects like forums and webcomics and the things we did back then, so I got me a Netzero account for the laptop I got for college and started messing around. As Iived and still live in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't much else to do. And if  had to move, I'd probably free to Canada, Britain, Australia, or New Zealand. Whenever I could fit in easiest.

Sorry boys this thread is over.  I'll let Purvis give one closing statement but no more questions at this time.

I'm surprised people were more interested in my personal life as opposed to why I get them banned. Ah well. I feel bad for whoever has to follow this show!