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Illusion of Sky
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(Takes place before Subterranean Animism. Inspired by the song Illusion of Sky, by t=NODE.)

 Rin flew through the Hell of Blazing Fires, her red hair fluttering behind her. The warmth of the lava and flames roared against her, but she was used to it by now. The contrast between the heat of the fire and the icy cold of the dead souls floating around her was soothing, comforting.

 She had spent the last few hours searching for her friend, Utsuho. Rin came down as usual that morning to visit Utsuho before they started their job of regulating the Hell of Blazing Fires. Okuu, as Rin called her, was always the ?early bird? when it came to starting work, but she was nowhere to be seen.

 Again at noon, Rin looked for her, but failed to find her. And now, even after looking for hours and hours, she found not one sign of the hell crow.

 Finally, in the distance, near the core of the Hell of Blazing Fires, Rin caught a glance of Okuu?s starry cape, the one Lady Satori gave her as a gift when she was younger. Rin touched down behind her friend and called out to her. ?Okuu! There you are. I?ve been looking all over for-?

 Utsuho turned around. The strange, eye-like brooch on her chest was glowing red. One of her arms was covered by some kind of octagonal prism. Her right leg was encased in rock, and two glowing balls of light orbited her left leg.

 ?-you.? Rin stopped and stared at her friend. ?O?Okuu, what?s that??

 An ecstatic grin spread across Utsuho?s face. ?Orin! I?m glad you could make it. The most incredible thing happened to me.?

 Rin tried forcing a smile. ?Really? And?what exactly would that be??

 ?A goddess came down today. She changed me, Orin. She said that I could fulfill everyone?s dreams. I could change the world. Isn?t that great??

 ?Yeah. Yeah, Okuu, that?s really great.? Rin swore she saw something moving in Utsuho?s brooch. Some kind of?bird?

 ?And just think. Now?now we won?t get bullied by anyone ever again!? Utsuho laughed, a laugh that Rin had never heard before. It frightened her, made her hair stand on end. ?I?ll make all those stupid youkai pay. I?ll make them wish they had never been born, that they had never made fun of us.?

 ?Okuu, you?re scaring me??

 ?I?ll kill them all. I?ll burn the flesh off their bones! Hahaha, I can?t wait to see them writhing on the ground, begging for forgiveness.?

 ?Okuu, stop. Please.?

 ?I?ll take back the Hell that those damn oni took over. Then nobody will make fun of you, or me, or Lady Satori-?

 ?Utsuho!? Tears streamed down Rin?s face and evaporated as they hit the fire below. ?Please, stop. This isn?t like you.?

 The hell crow looked confused. ?What do you mean it?s not like me? What, do you prefer the Okuu that cried in a corner while the oni beat you up? Do you want me to be the Okuu that had to be saved by you every other day? The Okuu that couldn?t do anything for herself, that had to be protected by everyone??

 ?I want you to be the Okuu I knew before today. The Okuu that would fly and play around the Palace with me. The Okuu that would try so hard to make everyone happy, even though everyone hated us.? Rin?s voice broke. ?I don?t want you to kill anyone, I don?t want you to make everyone more afraid of us than they already are. I?I want my friend back. My Okuu.?

 ??huh.? Utsuho turned her back to her friend. ?I can?t believe you. After all these years, all those times you said you hated being what you are, that you hated everyone up above. After all that, now you back out of it??

 ?Okuu, I-?

 ?You?re so stupid.? The words cut through Rin like a bullet.

 ?Wha?what are you saying? I don?t-?

 Utsuho spun around to face Rin, her eyes burning. ?What, have you gone soft now? You actually have sympathy for those bastards up there?? Utsuho?s voice rose to a shout. ?Do you have any idea what it was like to see you beaten and bloody every time we went out? Do you know how hard I tried to make you feel better, how many times I tried to stand up for you and got beaten down for it??

 Rin backed away. The heat coming off Utsuho was becoming too intense, even for her. Her tears were steaming the moment they emerged.

 Utsuho was crying now, too. Her tears had a strange sheen, like molten glass.

 ?How do you think it felt, every time I heard ?hey, there go the pets of that mind-invading freak?? Or ?get out of here, you filthy hellspawn, or we?ll break your bones?? Or maybe you liked it when they threw us against the rocks and called us ?abominations?, ?sick freaks?, ?corpse-pushers???

 ?Okuu, please?? Rin put her hand on her friend?s shoulder. Without thinking, Utsuho swung her weapon arm at Rin and hit her in the side of the head with a crack. The kasha fell, grasping her head and sobbing.

 Tears streamed down Utsuho?s face, steaming as they met her boiling body. ?Fine. You know what? You can go ahead and die with all of them. In fact, why stop with just the oni?s home? I?ll burn everything. I?ll make the entire world into a sun. Everyone hates me, after all, so what does it matter if I?m the only one left??

 Rin?s vision was swimming. She pushed herself up to try and look at Utsuho. ?Okuu, don?t. I don?t hate you. Please, let?s just go back and talk to Lady-?

 ?Shut up!? Utsuho?s scream shot through the Hell of Blazing Fires. ?Just shut up already! I don?t care what you want anymore. All I wanted was to make you happy, but now you won?t even let me do that. I hate you. I hate all of you so much.?

 Rin grabbed Utsuho?s skirt, too dizzy to hold herself up well. ?Okuu??

 Utsuho shoved Rin?s hand away, leaving a burn mark where they touched. ?Stop it! Stay the hell away from me!?

 With that, Utsuho shot into the air and flew away toward the burning core of Hell. Rin lost her hold and fell over, covered on all sides by the roaring flames.

 ?Okuu?come back??
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Re: Illusion of Sky
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(Takes place before Subterranean Animism. Inspired by the song Illusion of Sky, by t=NODE.)
Funny, I thought it was more based on this (danbooru warning) comic.

Anyway, I like this! Is this a one-shot, or are you going to continue?

Re: Illusion of Sky
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I did take some inspiration from that, but the general feel was inspired more by the song.

I'm not sure. I only thought of it as a one-shot, but I might redo the entire plot of SA just for the hell of it. I'll see.
All lies and all sin, all dreams and all majesty, Everything rots in this ruined hell

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Re: Illusion of Sky
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I enjoyed this. :V read about me playing league i guess