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Forte Blackadder:
I'll state this:
As a fanfic, it completely depends on the author, whatever they want, you should respect it and do not question. The author can discuss the comments and they can ignore them. Therefore, even if they make Cirno OHKO everyone else we should not dig too deep on it. Remember, this is but a fan-fiction anyway.
Hoping to see more great, big outline.

Dead Princess Sakana:

--- Quote from: Fortevn on July 14, 2010, 02:52:32 PM ---As a fanfic, it completely depends on the author, whatever they want, you should respect it and do not question. The author can discuss the comments and they can ignore them. Therefore, even if they make Cirno OHKO everyone else we should not dig too deep on it. Remember, this is but a fan-fiction anyway.
Hoping to see more great, big outline.

--- End quote ---
I don't want to see any disrespectful behaviour towards any author just because their fiction disregards 'official' material or whatever. Each author creates their own version of the world they write about and it entirely up to them how they set the rules and bounds of this world.

That said, carry on~   :D

Bias Bus:

Spoiler: Touhou Monster Hunter
- A short series involving Reimu leading a rag-tag group of hunters who are set to take down the 'Kamijuu of Gensokyo' which are basically Monster-fied versions of Touhou bosses. Reimu's the leader of the party and the miko of the group, Marisa is the mage (or rather Magic Knight), Tohji Shirainu (a male Inugami), is the grappler, Shou is the warrior and Ellen is the healer.


- Autumn Wildlands: An odd forest that always bears the color of Autumn. The color of the forest is actually the work of the Triffid Gods, Shizuha Aki and Minoriko Aki, the both of them altering the forest to suit their tastes and likes. Even so, the monsters dwelling within the woods, don't seem to mind much and continue on their merry ways. The "Aki Sisters" (as they've been come to be called) can be found within the Shrine of Harvest located within the heart of the woods. The followers of the Aki Sisters give up food as a form of offering to them, some may even sacrifice non believers to them. In realiity the Akis aren't malicious Kamijuu, and are simply taking advantage of what their followers are doing for them.

- Goukyou Desert: Also known as the Wastelands of the Great Beyond, this vast desert stretches beyond the Autumn Wildlands and surrounds the formiddible Youkai Mountains that is said to be home to the Snake Goddess; Kanako. Somewhere within this desert are the buried ruins of a temple dedicated to the God of Curses, but it has yet to be uncovered.

- Youkai Mountains: Vast mountains that are located beyond the Goukyou Desert. The Tengu reside somewhere within these mountains.

- Tomb of Misfortune: The sunken ruins of a great temple that was built in dedication to the Goddess of Ill-Fortune, Hina. It is said that she once ruled over a select group of youkai followers who worshipped her because she 'absorbs' hexes into her being and thus keeps those close to her safe from harm. However, after taking in so many curses...a vile plauge was unleashed upon her cult and wiped them out, the temple then sank below the sands, and entombed the despairing goddess in her sadness.

- Sunken Vista of Orochi: An underground jungle that was once home to the Lost City of Orochi. The city and the surrounding wilderness sunk belo the mountain during the divine battle for power between Kanako and Suwako. The path here is treacherous and has become the resting place for all adventureres who have sought to fight Kanako. The Lesser God, Sanae Kochiya resides here by order of Kanako, her followers are the civilians of Orochi who had been devastated by the battle between Kanako and Suwako and thus sought out Sanae for protection. They see outsiders as defilers to their God and viciously attack any one they see as foreign.

-Snake's Pike: The tallest mountain peak in the Youkai Mountain region located in the Gouyou Desert. This unforgiving crag is home to a cornicopia of Lamia that are fiercely loyal to their reigning queen, Kanako, who is located at the very top of Snake's Pike. One can easily get here if they survive the dangerosu path through the Lost Vista.

- Ancient Ruins of Yasaka: Ancient ruins of the shrine that houses the powerful Snake Goddess, Kanako. Located at the peak of the Hanyou Mountain, few have ever made it to the ruins themselves, and even then, those who have were swiftly killed and devoured by the goddess. It is believed that the ruins themselves were actually a shrine built for the Toad Goddess, Suwako, but  Kanako took over the shrine after besting the former god and thus took control of the temple.

- Kero Kero Valley: A rather dense jungle located just beyond Snake's Pike. while not that dangerous to get to (the path that leads to the valley bypasses all of the dangers Snake's Pike holds), it is still regarded as rather dangerous (perhaps even more dangerous than Snake's Pike), the Kappa reside happily here and are said to help those who managed to escape the Snake Goddess (who will not venture down to this area). Further inside the valley is the Palace of the Toad, the new home of the Frog Goddess; Suwako.

- Palace of the Toad King: A large ancient palace that was once home to a king who worshipped Kanako but was later taken by Suwako and renamed in her favor, the former king was said to have been overthrown and sacrificed to the goddess by the citizens who saw Suwako as more fitting ruler. The palace is all but submerged in the tropical lake that surrounds it, but this seems to be the perfect living conditions for Suwako. The goddess herself isn't malicious by any extent and doesn't mind visitors...so long as they do not speak the name of Kanako in her precense.

- Underworld of Fimblevinter: A colassal ice cavern located within the snowy regions in the northern area of Gensokyo. The frigid tempretures here act as a natrual barrier to those seeking the treasure hidden within these bone chilling caverns. Alongside this, are the fearsome Yeti monsters, whom can only be found within the Underworld of Fimblevinter. Located deep down within the coldest depths of Fimblevinter is the den of the Polar Queen; Letty Whiterock. Although Letty herself is no god, the Yeti see her as such and devote themselves to her. Cirno is Letty's closest ally and is in command of the Yeti who live near Letty.

- Land of Agni: A volcanic wasteland that used to be the other half of the Lost Bamboo Forest, however after the Pheonix Mokou awoke from her slumbe, the forest was engulfed in a volcanic blaze and reduced to what exists there now. Very few youkai can really live here now, only the Ifrit are able to make their nest in this highly volcanic area. The greatest treasure here, can only be found on the body of Mokou, the pheonix's own feathers are as priceless as they are powerful. Selling just one of them is enough to warrant a fortune in return...even so, those who sought her feathers are only given death as a consolation. Somewhere within this wasteland, lies the Gate of Hellfire, the only know pathway that leads to Lord Utsuho's lair; Underpalace of Black Sun.

-Tsukijin Crash Site: A large space station that crashed to earth into the Bamboo Forest long ago. The Youkai Rabbits, startled by the crash went to investigate only to become ensnared within the grasp of the Lunarians and their Moon Rabbit. To keep their existance hidden, the aliens sought to rebuild their residence underground and using the rabbits, they did just that. Many of the known Earth Rabbits stay away from those who are affiliated with the aliens, because they know they will be captured and brainwashed to assist them in their needs...already the oldest and most trusted youkai rabbit; Tewi Inaba, has began helping them...although some believe she is merely leading them along. The psionic extraterristial, Eirin Yagokoro seems to be the most active of the group, her superior is kept in near constant stasis deep within the alien base.

I still might write this though, I only really posted it as a way to show off the outline I had for it. The idea is appealing, but I'll have to hold off until I finish somethings first.

Forte Blackadder:
The Dark History of Touhou 1: Yakumo Yukari
- My theory about Yukari's background. I'm writing it now, but not gonna finish yet due to the continuation of Touhoumon, so, if anyone interests, feel free to take this.

Spoiler: The Countess Hearn, wife of the leader of a half-youkai-half-human noble family in UK, gave birth to a beautiful child, named Violetta Hearn.
In the congratulating party, there was the main rival of the Count: Ulick Norman Owen Scarlet, leader of the Vampire, who used the reason of "Finding the Successor of the Brunestud" to gather a great army to wage war with the human.
Violetta revealed her power as "gapping through space" and became a laughing stock of everyone, instantly labelled as a "third class youkai".

In her teen, Violetta went to the youkai school and met Layla Primsriver, who refused to go to Hogwarts for some reason. Layla was a modest, but naughty student, together with Violetta they messed up the school real bad. They became friends and Layla taught Violetta much about how to complicate simple stuffs, which honed Violetta's gapping ability to "beyond imagination".

Because of sickness, Layla passed away not long after they had their 17th birthday party. Mourning over her friend's death, Violetta ignored everything but studying dark magic, in order to bring Layla back. She found the possibility in the East.

At that time, a war broke out, and the Hearn Alliance defeated the Scarlet army with the death of the Count himself, the vampire was being hunted for years after that. Violetta, despite unreasonable fighting and her father's dream of peace, traveled to Japan. She then changed her name to "Yakumo Yukari".

There was a dark time in Japan also, when the youkai beasts were fighting each others to death, and Yukari came exactly at the time of the final battle: Kyuubi against Orochi. Yukari tried to kill both, but failed miserably and almost died. She was saved by a passing girl, who turned out to be the head daughter of a youkai-extermination family, Saigyouji Yuyuko.

Yuyuko had a very strong power, which forced her to be alone of all time, the only one that was with her was Konpaku Youki, a ghost swordmaster.
Together, Yukari and Yuyuko killed Orochi and captured Kyuubi. The nine-tailed fox was then brain-washed and became Yukari's shikigami, named Yamuko Ran.

Yuyuko had to sacrifice herself for the sake of her family, which was not approved by Yukari. A fight broke out in the backyard of the Saigyouji, Yukari killed most of the family, gapped Youki to another dimension but failed to save her friend. This event awakened Yukari's true power, and allowed her to bring the whole land to the Netherworld, where souls can form shape. In there, Yukari united with Yuyuko once again.

One day, while having a moon-viewing, Yukari asked Yuyuko if the moon was beautiful. Yuyuko said yes, and she joked that it'd be nice if Yukari can gift her the Moon. Yukari took it too seriously and gather an army, advanced to the Lunar Capital.

The Wakatsukihime at that time were too young to face a powerful youkai, and their leader was gone to Earth, for the tradition of letting the new-born princess travel around the Great Blue Planet. An urgent message was sent, and the leader had to hide the new-born princess in a bamboo forest, then got back to the Moon.

After a month of war, Yagokoro Eirin outwitted Yakumo Yukari completely and drew the youkai back to Earth. Yukari, too shamed of this defeat, didn't go back to Hakugyoukuro but instead traveled around Japan, finding her aim in life.

At that time, the youkai in Japan was being hunted by human, reminding Yukari of her family and her past, therefore she decided to rescue them all.
Joining force with the Hakurei, Yukari helped creating the Great Hakurei Boundary and isolated a huge land to be home of youkai, named Gensokyo.

Thus, the game began...

I've been wanting to write a story for Touhou for a while. A few ideas came to mind months ago, and I've been organizing bits and pieces of it since then, but only recently did I actually get around to writing. I don't have a complete flow of events solidified yet (just the direction), and I haven't chosen a name for the story, but if no one minds, I was hoping I could leave this first chapter here as a preview. I'm probably not as experienced with writing stories as most others here, so I can't even say I'm totally familiar with my own writing style (only with what I've done for school papers and such). I know I'll nitpick my way to improvement as I continue with this, but I would love some feedback from you in the meantime.

Ryuu, this is the same story I told you about in IRC that one time, so here's that first scene I mentioned.


Late autumn always felt dreadful to her. The trees shed their host of colorful leaves, with only the dull brown hue of their barks filling in the surroundings. The mountain air grew colder, whisking away the warmth from her skin with even the gentlest breeze. The looming clouds threatened to bring the first snowfall of the season, which would conceal what beauty remained in Gensokyo. The shifting weather weighed heavily in her heart, as the winter's chill would relentlessly torture her for months.

Tough times were ahead, but she would endure as before. A mild sigh brought her mind into focus, and she grew prepared to tackle this day. Adhering to her routine, the girl reached for the small wooden broom next to the front door. Her dark red eyes tilted to the large crate on her right, in the vain hope that someone had stumbled across her shrine and left an offering in the night. She raised her free hand to the red bow in her black hair and gave it a brief tug before opening the door. An icy gust greeted the girl as she stepped onto the porch, yet the air felt as cold as it did inside. It was something she had lived with for years ? the old-fashioned shrine could not ward of the cold, and it never received enough money to fund anything beyond its normal worshiping services. The state of the shrine mirrored the misery of the autumn weather. Yet here its shrine maiden stood, prepared to sweep the balcony clean of the crumpled leaves that would displease and discourage her sparse visitors from donating. It would not take as much effort with the wind acting up, though the girl prayed it would deliver no additional debris either.

A few modest brushes cleared the space by the door, when another gust blew from the side, ruffling her red dress. The chill crawled up her arms, so she tightened the upper bands of her white, detached sleeves to ease the bite of the wind. Before she could resume sweeping, a soft snore caught her attention. A glance to the left confirmed whom she expected ? a small girl, the shrine's "houseguest", laid on the porch, her head and arms sprawled over the edge. Anxious to finish cleaning, the shrine maiden decided it best to wake her visitor. She walked over, removing the leaves in her path, and tapped the sleeping girl's left shoe with the stick of the broom, garnering no response. Impatient, she twice struck the girl's leg. The shrine maiden did not want her guest to give her much trouble on this already miserable day.

The sleeping girl shifted and moaned as she woke. Her head reeled upward almost as quickly as she had reeled back into consciousness, and her thin, shackled arms supported her diminutive frame as she sat upright. She brought her right hand to her long, ginger hair and brushed it between the two brown horns protruding from her head. The visitor remained groggy, and her eyes squinted as she humored her host with the usual greeting: "Morning already?"

"Yes, Suika," the shrine maiden stoically answered. "Don't get too comfortable where you are. I have to clean there soon."

"Okay," the guest replied. She rubbed her right eye in an effort to ward off her sleepiness, but she knew the shrine maiden's requests had to come before all else. Suika swiped her white, sleeveless blouse as she moved her arm down to the floor, and she bent her legs inward, being careful not to catch them inside her long, purple skirt. A forceful shove lifted her to her feet in a flash, the system of chains on her waist clanking as she stood. The rapid movement proved costly for the small girl, as she grew dizzy and briefly stumbled on her left foot, almost ramming the shrine maiden. She soon regained her balance and breathed a light sigh of relief.

In spite of this episode, Suika rushed for a decorated purple canister on her waist, flinging it to her mouth in a heartbeat. Several gulps finally brought a smile to her face, and she held the container to her host. "Drink, Reimu?"

"No thanks," the shrine maiden declined. "It's too early for someone like me to have any alcohol." Reimu was familiar with her guest's antics, so she refused to let them impede her tasks more than they already had. She turned around and continued sweeping the balcony, silently cursing a gust of wind that dirtied Suika's sleeping spot.

"Ah, isn't this weather lovely?" Suika praised, hoping to strike up a conversation. "It reminds me so much of home."

Reimu did not hesitate in her duties, but felt that a dose of small talk would not hurt. "Your home is underground, and you're not a human like I am. Your tastes are just too different. I already want summer back. Or at least early autumn."

"But you're lucky," Suika countered. "You got this great mountain air to keep you company. It's not nearly as fresh in the Ancient City." The small girl joyously took a deep breath, earning a jealous stare from the shrine maiden.

"I only wish I found it as comfortable as you do. But even if you took my place for one winter, you'd never understand my position. You're a youkai." Reimu was nearing the end of the porch, and she was pleased to see her work going somewhere, even as Suika conversed with her.

However, what sense of satisfaction she possessed was short-lived. As Reimu swept the last of the leaves from her side of the balcony, a sharp jolt sprung from below. She made the connection instantly, and she gasped in horror when she realized what was happening ? it was an earthquake! She dropped her broom and clasped tightly to a nearby post before the shaking changed directions. Everything rocked back and forth, though not strongly enough to throw the shrine maiden off her feet. Instead, Reimu fell into a greater state of turmoil.

"No, not again! My shrine!" she exclaimed in a panic. Every motion taunted her, stirring up painful memories of the last earthquake that struck her shrine. The odds-and-ends inside the building rattled, and the framework creaked under the stress. But Reimu could not bring herself to let go of the support ? even if the shrine came crashing down on her, the very thought of such a disaster left her paralyzed. She could only pray for the earthquake to end, and to end now.

To Reimu's delight, the ground settled in a short time. The girl could stand unhindered, and the grip she held on the beam loosened. The only thing that calmed her nerves was the sight of her shrine, intact and stable. No doubt, it suffered some damage inside, but such minor hardly mattered. The building had dodged a bullet in Reimu's eyes, and she felt nothing but relief. She did not need any more reasons to concern over her dilapidated shrine.

Reimu managed to collect herself, her heavy breaths giving way to elated sighs. A cute squeal snapped her from the trance, and her attention fell to the shrine's houseguest. Suika sat by the door, arms spread in the air and exhilaration written all over her face. "Let's do that again!" she cried.

It felt like a sadistic joke, yet Reimu fought back a chuckle. She would not have forgiven her visitor if Suika were anyone else. "My workload for the day has been doubled, and here you are, treating an earthquake like a walk among the cherry blossoms," she quipped. "It amazes me how youkai can approach things so differently from humans."

Suika could tell that immense pressure threatened to crush her friend. The shrine had fallen victim to earthquakes in the past, and from what Suika observed, Reimu did not take to the collapses very well. The least she could do was alleviate her host's tense nature.

"Reimu", she began in her best attempt at a soothing voice, "moumantai."

Perhaps she failed in her choice of words ? her counsel garnered a befuddled expression from the shrine maiden. Such a phrase held little significance when no one else understood its meaning, or knew that the word existed in the first place. Suika would not let the gaffe stop her, however.

"You worry too much," she said as she brought herself to her feet. "No lousy earthquake can stop someone like you. Any incident is a bigger threat. Besides, we can always rebuild the shrine, just as if it was never destroyed. Nothing to fret about here," she confidently concluded.

Reimu grinned on the inside, as she admired the girl's effort to lift her spirits. But it wasn't just the building collapsing that haunted her thoughts. The cost of remaking her shrine left her in tremendous hardship, and it became a small miracle to maintain her services for another month. It was a very real crisis, and it was something that only she could handle.

"I appreciate your help, Suika, but it runs deeper than that," Reimu courteously replied. She sighed and looked down sympathetically at her houseguest. "I'm sorry. You'd never understand my position. You're a youkai."

A cold breeze drifted across the balcony, reminding the shrine maiden of her unfinished chores. Reimu promptly turned for her broom ? the leaves would not blow themselves away, after all, and the earthquake created its own inconveniences. Winter lay right around the corner, and Reimu already sensed that it would be rough, but she would endure as before.

Suika struggled to revive the conversation, so to pass the time she reached for the purple jar on her waist. She sipped her sake and once again held it out to her host. "Drink, Reimu?"


Again, I want feedback. Tell me where I can improve, or if you're even remotely interested in this story. :V I'm of the position to save posting the whole thing for when it's completely done, even though the convention in fanfiction appears to be "write and post as you go". Me and my perfectionism want to avoid things like major plotholes, you see. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this preview.


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