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As you may have seen in the news header, you are now permitted to post up to 640x480 images, up to 150kb in size. Anything above this must be be linked to or thumbnailed. No ifs, ands, buts, excuses, or exceptions. Got it? Good.

Cause we're at war with the library and because we want to be just like them, but better Because the possibility of a separate IRC channel for the Atelier was discussed earlier with a certain librarian :P , I thought it'd be nice to set it up for our Atelier community.

So drop in to share ideas, inspirations, challenges and dares, or just for a nice friendly chat over tea sometime. The address is #Atelier-Magna on irc.ppirc.net

For those of you without mIRC, click here to use TSO's handy webchat - http://webchat.ppirc.net/?channels=#Atelier-Magna

Also, we now have our own public youtube channel named Orlean Channel or  'OrleanChan' for short. Search 'Orleanchan' on youtube to find it. I still need to reset the password and e-mail settings on it but I'll post a link and the password and username once it's ready for public use. What will we do with it? Why, showcase our work, of course, from posting music and videos to artwork slideshows, it will have our entire gallery all in one place.

The next step will be to set up our own DA gallery. I want to check on interest here before I proceed with that though. Thoughts?

Alfred F. Jones:
Like I said on IRC, y'all should be lookin' more into a paintchat than an IRC chan. C'mon, wouldn't a big communal canvas while the artists chat it up be a neat idea?


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