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Fear Project- Alice and the Sneeze
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      Technically a fan fiction, so I'll post here.

    What does disease mean exactly? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states it as being defined as ?a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms : sickness, malady?. How can such a paragraph strike such blind, primal terror into the hearts of some individuals? The idea of sickness is one that is one that is tossed casually in conversations oftentimes without fear. People will say things like ?Oh, So-and-So has a cold.? or ?Did you hear about that _____ bug that's going around??. Some people may feel the need to wash their hands more often of even carry around items such as hand sanitizer. However, there will always be the odd few who go the extra mile, powered not by the advice of others, rather, an internal fear.

   There are several words for these types of people: bacteriaphobes, bacillophobes, mysophobes, the less informal but more encompassing germaphobe- there may be different names, but they all generally mean the same thing: a fear of disease. Some of those afflicted with the phobia will go to absolute, extreme lengths to avoid any chance of being infected with a sickness of some sort. This includes doing things such as isolating themselves inside of their homes to avoid the risk of being around those that are sick, compulsively was their hands to make sure every trace of bacteria is eliminated, or even fall victim to a mental disorder known as Hypochondriasis.

   And this brings us to where our story begins. A story of a young woman- we'll call her ?Alice?- who ostracizes herself from her friends and the world outside her apartment door all because of a single sneeze.

   ?Hate, hate, loving-?
   Alice sang aloud and bent over to unbuckle the straps on her heels.

   ?Who are you? Who are you? Can't be alive without you.?

   Another long day as an office lady had come to an end, serving as a gateway for a weekend for lonely parties and tea. Her back ached from being hunched over a computer screen for hours and her squashed toes pleaded for air, but the excitement over the two days of rest kept her from complaining. With a sigh, she wriggled her red, painted toes to stretch them out a bit.
   Her stomach grumbled. She had no choice but to skip over her lunch earlier to catch up with a meeting, so she was hungry. Unbuttoning her blouse and jacket, she reached into her bra and withdrew a bottle of hand sanitizer. Alice squirted the cold, clear liquid into her palms and rubbed it around. The alcohol stung the delicate, pale skin on her palms and she smiled. The burning meant it worked. She wouldn't eat with dirtied hands. It was time to wash her hands again before she grabbed a snack.

   After a few seconds of letting the antibacterial concoction seep in, she waved her hands about and stood up to stretch herself out a bit. Alice scanned her bedroom over and smiled in content. Everything was where it should be; clean, orderly, disinfected. Stepping over to the tall, proud doll cabinet propped against the wall, she gently unlatched the hook keeping the door of it shut. The girl reached inside and pulled out her handmade, porcelain doll and smirked with airy satisfaction.

   The dolls were her friends.

   They were the only friends she really needed. They did not breathe, eat, or move. All chances of any kind of germ communication were shot down when it came to her glassy acquaintances. However, one problem still remained. A boyish, lively voice echoed into her apartment from a suddenly open crack in the door.
   ?Yo, Alice! You's in here o' what??
   Alice cringed and quickly slipped her doll back into the display case, suddenly wishing she had locked the door behind her earlier.
   ?You knows you can't stay in here alone all 'dis weekend,? the voice called out again. ?We got 'alotta partying to do!?
   A chill ran through Alice as she heard the stuffiness in the voice's n's and w's. Whoever it was just happened to be sick.

   ?Stay outside, Marisa.? she warned. ?Stay outside. I'm just fine spending my weekend in here- without you.? Her voice shook and wavered as she spoke, signaling her rising fear in the works. A can of Lysol disinfectant sat conveniently  on the shelf next to her so she grabbed it just in case the girl outside came any nearer.
   However, Marisa's voice came closer and clearer.

   ?Well, you knows how I like you lots an' all, right?? Her words paused as though she was choosing them carefully. ?'An I just wanted to know if you's was feelin' somethin' sim'lar. I gots 'dis cold so it's okay if you's don' wanna go ou'side or nothin'.?
   The girl finally came into full view from around the corner of the wall that separated her bedroom from the entryway. Her long, wavy blond hair was messy and a few strands managed to stick out, giving her an odd, static influenced appearance. Freckles dotted the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks, managing to illuminate her bright, golden yellow eyes in such a way that made them appear metallic. She rubbed at her nose and smiled at Alice, wiping her palm on the front of her loose, black and white dress.
   ?I told you not to come inside.? Alice hissed coldly, clutching the can in her hands with enough force to crush it. The can gave a little death squeal before emptying its contents out into the air. Marisa only smiled warmly and took a step forward.
   ?I really likes you, Alice.? she said softly. Before going in for a hug, her body locked up and her face went twisted. She was going to sneeze.
   ?G-get! Go away!? Alice hollered, jamming her palms into the other girl's chest to shove her away. However, it was too late.
   With a violent ?Aa-choo?, Marisa sneezed at the more mature blond at full force. She gave herself a second to recover before grinning at Alice and laughing. ?Woah, did you see tha-?

   Her words were cut short by a sudden blow to the head.

   She fell to the ground as Alice stood above her, mercilessly beating her dear friend into the floor with the broken can of Lysol. The jagged, torn metal pieces cut into the young girl's skin and before Alice could come to terms with what it was she was doing, Marisa's smiling, loving face and neck would be reduced to a bloody pulp.

   ?Marisa?? Alice gasped, letting go of her silent friend's hair. The girl had stopped breathing. She poked her with her foot and stepped back. ?Marisa, say something.?
   However, the girl said nothing.

   Alice stood up straight and locked the front door. She glanced at the unmoving body of her friend and sat down beside it, pulling her knees up to her chest.

   ?Well, I guess we're going to spend a lot more time together now, aren't we?? she asked aloud, keeping her eyes averted from Marisa's corpse. ?I hope you at least washed your hands.?

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Re: Fear Project- Alice and the Sneeze
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Swine Flu in Gensokyo?
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Re: Fear Project- Alice and the Sneeze
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Oh my... psychotic Alice murdering Marisa with shredded, jagged aluminum. In the outside world, no less.