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That Dynasty Warriors/ Samurai W/ Musou Orochi /Basara/Hack and Slash thread.
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♛ Apher-Forte:
Topic transferred.

Begin weekly 20 hour games talk. (20 hour being averagely how long it takes to break all stages open and obtain all characters usable)

So, just played Musou Orochi Z.

I must say, I am impressed...
Just how wicked can you get? First it was Son Goku, now Benkei and Sanzo WHO IS A GIRL INSTEAD OF A TRADITIONAL MONK IN MONK ROBES.


Highly fappable sprite too. To think this won't be on the PC or PS2 angers me.

A lot of the game elements are still overpowered, namely Tenbu weapons.
Can't believe you cannot transfer save files for usage, a big dissapointment right there.

That said, I am terribly impressed by the first preview and play of PSP's BASARA edition with team-co-op.

I challenged a friend the other day on 2 person team up and it was intense.

Wonder how does a slugfest 4 way Basara play feels like?
The missions are also cool, cuts away much of the mundane from the original game, and adds more spice.

However, lack of silly outrageous overpowered moves makes it bad, a lot of the moves are somewhat missing, a strategy missing? or added element of challenge? You decide.

PSP sales are soaring with new games like these ones introduced that can be on the spot online network play. Greatness.
Somehow the longest weapon in these game usually the best weapon.
♛ Apher-Forte:
Sun Ce and Ling Tong would like to have a word with you.


Da Ji, Himeko, TaiGongWang etc.
Nevermind, just recalled how amazing and awesomely fast Nunchuck is.
Letty Whiterock:
Holy shit Musou Orochi Z is out?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
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